Delicious and easy breakfast bowls

Delicious and easy breakfast bowls

Morning breakfast bowls are a good way to start the day right, offering endless possibilities for being creative with flavours, colours, and textures.
From creamy bases to a dazzling array of toppings, we have all the inspiration you need to make every morning a culinary adventure. Ready to dive into the delicious details and different breakfast bowl ideas? Let's get started!

Perfect smoothie bowl ideas

Smoothie bowls are creamy, thick bowls of blended fruit, berries, maybe even vegetables, with yogurt or skyr – perfect for breakfast!

An easy place to start is the base. Both frozen and fresh ingredients make for a good base with yogurt or skyr. Use popular smoothie base ingredients like avocado, banana, and spinach for a green burst, or banana, mango, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruit and berries for a sweet touch.

You can read more and get inspired to make your own breakfast smoothie bowls with our article Smoothie bowl ideas: How to make the perfect bowls with everything from choosing the best liquids, ensuring a thick and creamy consistency, and selecting the best flavours to mix and match

Smoothie bowl

Best smoothie bowl toppings

A big draw for smoothie bowls is just how versatile they are! And shaking up your morning routine is the best way to enjoy your breakfast every day. Top with juicy fruit and berries like fresh banana slices, diced kiwi, and halved strawberries as well as chewy dried fruit, and crunchy nuts, seeds, and grains. As a finishing touch, decorate with fresh herbs, edible flowers, and a dash of warm spices like cinnamon or cardamom. Learn more about the very best smoothie bowl toppings and discover new favourites.

Delicious ideas for yogurt toppings

If you prefer a simple yogurt breakfast bowl that does not require any blending, it is still all about the toppings. There is a wealth of different options to choose from and combine so you can top your favourite yoghurt with only the best. From fresh fruit, berries, and nuts to high-end gourmet ingredients and chocolatey delights, read everything about it and get inspired in our article about the best topping ideas for yogurt.

8 chia puddings and porridges to try

Whether you prefer smooth and creamy chia puddings or enjoy a hearty porridge with chia and other seeds or grains like oatmeal and quinoa, we have a great selection of chia recipes to make at home. Made with delicious skyr, you ensure a wonderful mouthfeel, no matter which type of topping you choose. These puddings and porridge are delicious with fresh berries, baked fruit, homemade preserves, and crunchy nuts. A wonderful thing about chia puddings, which unlike the porridges are served chilled, is that they can easily be made ahead of time – a quick and easy choice for breakfast!

8 chia puddings and porridges to try

4 granola recipes

Granola makes for a terrific topping for a personalised breakfast bowl with a good dose of crunch. This toasted topping is full of goodness with great-tasting ingredients like nuts, grains, seeds, dried berries, and different spices and sweeteners. Because it is very easy to make at home, you can prepare it with all your favourites to infuse your mornings with flavour and texture. In our top 4 granola recipes, we outline some delicious options for you to inspire you on how to make bowls with delicious granola on top.

Make-ahead breakfast bowls

Not a fan of busy mornings? Make-ahead breakfast bowls are your go-to for a delicious start without the fuss. With a little prep, you can ensure tasty meals that streamline your morning routine.

If your favourites are smoothie bowls, portion fruit and berries into Ziplock bags and freeze them. Come morning, just grab a pack, blend with liquid, pour, and top. If you gravitate towards chia puddings, you are in luck! Most recipes are of the overnight variety and will be ready and waiting for you in the morning. When storing overnight, use airtight containers for freshness and keep toppings separate to avoid fogginess.

What to put in a breakfast bowl?

Breakfast bowls are versatile, and you can easily tailor them to your liking – be creative and mix and match what you love to eat in the morning! They are delicious with a myriad of ingredients, from fruits and berries to nuts and seeds. Opt for a chia-quinoa blend or a vibrant açai base adorned with fresh fruit. Use a base that is smoothie, yogurt, skyr, or chia, and top with granola, dried fruit, or fresh herbs to elevate the experience.

For those leaning towards savoury breakfast bowls, combine scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and avocado. Or, for a luxurious touch, top with a fried egg and sautéed mushrooms. No matter what you like, breakfast bowls offer a delightful mix of flavours and textures to kickstart your day.