Blue and pink smoothie bowl

Blue and pink smoothie bowl

15 min
Feast your eyes on a beautiful blue smoothie bowl or a dazzling pink smoothie bowl – either will certainly be a sight for sore eyes. They are easy and quick to make, and their colourful nature will lighten up any occasion.


  • Pour coconut skyr into two bowls and stir blue spirulina powder into one and pink pitaya powder into the other.
  • Distribute granola, chia seeds, and berries onto the two bowls.
  • Garnish with edible flowers and serve.

If your goal is to make a refreshing cold meal, consider chilling the fresh berries in the fridge for a while before serving. The smoothie should be cold, and by keeping the fresh toppings in the fridge, you maintain a low temperature for longer.


Take a little time to consider how you want to arrange the toppings. Consider starting with the large ones, such as berries or fruit, and then move on to granola, chia seeds, and the like afterwards. This allows you to present all toppings without hiding any of them below others.

Questions about blue and pink smoothie bowl

With this recipe for pink and blue smoothie bowl, we have made it easy to prepare a delightful breakfast or afternoon snack. In the following, you can read more about the powders used to give the bowls their delightful colouration.

What makes smoothie bowls blue?
Blue spirulina powder provides the colour in a blue smoothie bowl. Spirulina powder has an intense blue colour, but when mixed with delicious and creamy white skyr, the colour turns to a light and bright blue.
What is spirulina powder?
Spirulina powder is a type of algae that has become popular in many dishes because of its colour, taste, and nutrients. It is harvested in freshwater environments, dried and ground into a powder that, when added to a variety of dishes, helps introduce bursts of captivating colours.
What makes smoothie bowls pink?
Pitaya powder makes smoothie bowls pink. By introducing it to the cloudy white skyr, the smoothie mixture quickly turns into a pretty pink colour that helps enhance the beautiful look.
What is pitaya powder?
Pitaya powder is, simply put, the dried and grounded flesh from pitaya fruit, which you might recognise by its more adventurous name: the dragon fruit. Apart from a vibrant look, pitaya powder provides a bit of sweet and tropical notes. Some describe the flavour as a mix of kiwi, watermelon, and pear.


Coconut Arla® Skyr
400 ml
Blue spirulina powder
1 tsp
Pitaya powder
1 tsp
50 g
Chia seeds
1 tsp
Raspberries, currants, blueberries, or blackberries
150 g
Edible flowers

Enjoy a beautiful bowl of colour

Popping with potent colours, these beautiful breakfast or snack options work wonderfully well for any occasion in need of a little extra shimmer. Arranged next to each other, a pink and a blue smoothie bowl look like something from a fairytale. So, if you want to spice up a special occasion, such as a birthday brunch or a baby shower, you can do so easily with our recipe.

Colourful dishes are always delightful, so if you are on the lookout for more like this, we have plenty of recipes for you to check out. For example, go for a beautiful blackberry smoothie bowl or a gorgeous green avocado smoothie bowl. You can also make a tempting yellow tropical smoothie bowl.

Blue spirulina smoothie bowl

With the colour of the ocean, a blue smoothie bowl with spirulina powder crashes like a wave onto your taste buds with every spoonful. Fittingly, the powder gives just a mild tinge of sweet, oceanic notes that almost takes you on an oceanic adventure. The coconut-flavoured skyr helps with that, and the smoothie is both sweet and fresh. Topped with granola, chia seeds, and juicy berries, the bowl receives a delightful nutty touch with added tang from the fruit.

Pink pitaya smoothie bowl

Destination: tropical island. The sun is shining, and the wind carries cooling breezes with it. Wake up to a radiant breakfast or enjoy a pick-me-up afternoon snack with the pink smoothie bowl with pitaya – also if you are not on vacation. With the sweet and tropical taste from the dragon fruit powder as well as the coconut notes from the skyr, this beautiful pink smoothie bowl can just as easily take you away on a tropical adventure. Add a few juicy berries and some crunchy granola, and you have the recipe for your new favourite snack.

A rainbow of toppings

These colourful smoothies are perfect for starting your day on a cheerful note. But there is no need to limit the colours to the smoothies, so why not turn the whole thing into a culinary rainbow? Find colourful and flavourful toppings to enhance the cheerfulness and entice your eyes.

Berries are always a good choice as smoothie bowl toppings. Use raspberries and currant on the pink smoothie bowl and blueberries and blackberries on the blue smoothie bowl to enhance the two different colours. You can also choose other colourful and fruity toppings, either some that are similar in colour, so they match pink and blue respectively, or some that are different, for example, green kiwi slices or orange mango cubes, to create a beautiful contrast.

Although granola and chia seeds do not add much colour, we use them as toppings in this recipe. Both are good on blue as well as pink smoothie bowl as they provide flavour and substance. Also, the neutral colours leave more spotlight for the other ingredients. Banana slices can do the same.