Green smoothie bowl

Green smoothie bowl

15 min
Start the day happy with a flavourful green smoothie bowl! Because of its versatile nature, this breakfast and snack option is becoming more and more popular. You get fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds all in a single meal and it is both quick and easy! So, prepare your taste buds, because soon they are bound to feel the delicious flavours of skyr, avocado, and spinach blended into a creamy smoothie, as well as a bunch of juicy fruits on top.


  • Blend skyr, banana, avocado and the other ingredients for approx. 2 minutes to a thick smooth mixture.
  • Pour it into two bowls and top with granola, coconut, berries, and fruit. Garnish with edible flowers and serve.

When choosing fruits and berries for a green smoothie bowl like this, you want the ripest ones. Because when they reach the right level of ripeness, they have the perfect consistency and the most potent and delicious flavours. If you use frozen fruit, you can freeze the fresh fruit yourself just when the fruit reaches that perfect ripeness. As a little bonus, using frozen fruits saves you from having to use ice cubes and potentially water down the overall taste.


Everyone knows just what taste and texture tickles their fancy, and that is why you should feel free to adjust the basic ingredients as you go. If you want a creamier version, simply add a bit extra skyr, or, maybe, a bit more avocado or banana. Just make sure to counterbalance the other ingredients every time you adjust something.

Questions about green smoothie bowls

While green smoothie bowls are extremely simple and easy to make, we still want to make sure that you face no problems when making one. So, keep reading below our frequently asked questions about this easy treat!

What is in a green smoothie bowl?
Our green smoothie bowl has skyr, banana, spinach, and avocado in it to build a flavourful, creamy smoothie with fresh and sweet flavours and beautiful colours. Spinach and avocado not only bring the green colour, but they also add a delightful flavour and texture. To give it a zing of freshness and a kick of mild, pleasant heat, we also add a dose of lemon juice and some fresh ginger. While it does taste extremely good by itself, we highly recommend that you make sure to add some toppings as well to get the full taste and texture experience.
What toppings to use for a green smoothie bowl?
Crunchy granola, chewy coconut flakes, and sweet berries and fruits are all perfectly tasty toppings to sprinkle on your green smoothie breakfast bowl. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is that the toppings add some different textures, for example, juicy, soft, chewy, and crunchy. We opted for various sweet, juicy berries and sweet fruit to complement the crunchy and chewy toppings, so get out your favourite fruits and berries and get topping!
How long will a green smoothie bowl last?
It is best to enjoy green smoothie bowls immediately to get the best and freshest flavour and colour. But if you want to save it for later, you can store it for up to 24 hours in the fridge in an airtight container – without the toppings! It might darken slightly because of oxidation, but the lemon juice will slow the process down. Before eating it, blend or stir it and add toppings.


Arla® Skyr plain
400 ml
Frozen ripe banana
Ripe avocado
Frozen whole leaf spinach
150 g
Peeled fresh ginger
25 g
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
50 ml
100 ml
Coconut flakes
1 tbsp
Blueberries, strawberries, or other sweet berries
150 g
Diced persimmon or other sweet fruit (approx. 100 g)
Edible flowers, for example, horned violet

Green smoothie bowl with fresh bursts of flavour and colour

Begin your day with a beautiful smoothie bowl with fresh bursts of flavour and bright green colour – or save it for a lovely afternoon pick-me-up snack! Blending avocado and whole-leaf spinach makes for an appetizing sight with its gorgeously green colour sure to impress anyone who lays their eyes on it. Not only is it a treat for the eyes, but it is also a treat for the taste buds as well. The many flavours range from sweet to tangy and from fresh to earthy, making this perfect for when you are looking for something easy to make with a lot of taste. Avocado and banana bring to the mix a joined sweetness with fruity and earthy undertones that pair perfectly well with fresh and tangy skyr. A smoothie bowl does not have to be green to taste amazing. That is why we have a large selection of incredibly tasty and easy-to-make bowls for you to try, like a beautiful blueberry smoothie bowl or an enticing matcha smoothie bowl!

Make a thick smoothie bowl with skyr, spinach, and ginger

This recipe is bound to change your daily routine. Making a thick green smoothie bowl with skyr, spinach, and ginger is bound to change your daily routine. After a single spoonful of this bowl, indulging in this deliciously creamy snack will rise to the top of your list. Its mild sweetness from banana and avocado is accentuated by the earthy notes from the spinach, while the lemon juice and skyr add a zing of freshness. And with the added touch of fresh ginger, you get a very mild heat with every spoonful. The key to making the perfect bowl lies with the texture. The combination of skyr, banana, and avocado works perfectly as the building blocks to create the perfectly creamy base that is thick enough to hold all the toppings. All these ingredients impart unique flavours and a luscious creamy texture that together make this an irresistible and unforgettable breakfast or snack.

Sweeten the deal with soft and crunchy toppings

No green smoothie bowl is perfect without the right choice of topping. By adding a sweet combination of granola, coconut flakes, berries, and fruits, you take it to a whole new level – because with every mouthful comes a creamy delight with satisfying crunchy granola. This bowl not only tastes good, but it also has the perfect mouthfeel. If you can find the right contrast in texture, every mouthful is certain to be an enjoyable experience. Crunchy granola and chewy coconut flakes provide just that: a pleasant, satisfying mouthfeel with crunchiness and chewiness mixed with sweet, delicious flavours. The delectable selection of fresh berries and fruits on top complements the crunchiness of the granola. They bring a much-welcome softness while bringing fresh sweetness, delicious juiciness, and beautiful colours.