Fruit and almond topping for skyr

Fruit and almond topping for skyr

Never has breakfast been as easy as with our fruit and almond topping for skyr. This delightful mix of fresh bananas, juicy ripe blackberries, crunchy toasted almonds, and subtle nutty chia seeds is a breakfast revelation and a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.


  • Spoon a few dollops of skyr into a bowl and add some banana slices, a few blackberries, a handful of almonds, and chia seeds.

Choose ripe berries and bananas to get the best flavour and texture. Ripe blackberries boast a deep, dark hue and a slight softness to the touch. Ripe bananas are deep yellow, but you can choose between very ripe – warm, dark yellow with maybe few brown spots – or less ripe – lighter yellow and firmer to the touch without spots.


Almonds naturally have a delightful, crunchy texture, but toasting them takes the flavour to another level. Place the almonds in a dry pan over medium heat, stirring them until they begin to brown slightly and emit a wonderful, nutty aroma. Be careful not to overcook them, as this can lead to a bitter taste.

Questions about fruit and almond topping

A fruit and almond topping for skyr is a tasty combination. And there is always more to know about it, so find out more below.

What fruits are delicious with almonds as a topping?
Bananas and blackberries make delightful pairings with almonds as a topping. The creamy, sweet taste of bananas complements the crunchy almonds, while the tangy flavour of blackberries adds an exciting contrast to both.
Do you use fresh or toasted almonds on skyr?
You can use both fresh and toasted almonds as a topping on skyr. Fresh almonds provide a subtle, sweet taste and a nice crunch. Toasted almonds, on the other hand, have a richer, nuttier flavour that can add depth to the creamy skyr. Both versions offer a satisfying texture contrast to the smooth skyr.
How to serve blackberry topping on skyr?
You can serve a blackberry topping on skyr using either fresh berries or a blackberry compote. Fresh blackberries provide a tart, juicy bite that contrasts nicely with the creamy skyr. Alternatively, you can make a blackberry compote by simmering blackberries – either frozen or fresh – with a bit of sugar until they break down into a sweet and tangy sauce.


Arla® Skyr mixed berries
Chia seeds

Start the day crunchy and sweet with fruit and almond topping for skyr

Begin your mornings with a crunchy and sweet breakfast that is an absolute delight and holds so much flavour. The perfect blend of fresh fruit and crunchy almonds over creamy skyr is a great way to indulge your taste buds while preparing for the day ahead. The almonds add a delightful crunch and subtle sweetness that contrasts the smooth and tangy skyr, perfect for waking up your senses in the morning. Need more breakfast inspiration? Try our easy chia with strawberry and rhubarb, a tropical mango chia pudding, or a quick and easy skyr bowl with granola and fruit.

The perfect combination of fresh banana, juicy blackberries, and crunchy almonds

Experience a harmony of flavours with the perfect combination of fresh, juicy, and crunchy. The creamy sweetness of the banana serves as a delightful contrast to the other ingredients. Blackberries add a tangy flavour that keeps the taste buds guessing, while the almonds contribute a satisfying crunch that breaks the creamy monotony. To round off, the subtle texture of chia seeds adds an interesting twist. This delightful mix offers a burst of sweet and tangy flavours along with varied textures, making each spoonful a delight to savour.