Top 4 granola recipes and our best granola tips

Top 4 granola recipes and our best granola tips

Granola has charmed many breakfast tables worldwide and remains a favourite breakfast and snack choice for many. It offers variety and versatility, blending textures and flavours to suit every palate. Are you looking for the best granola recipe to top your morning yogurt or skyr? Then we have 4 great recipes for you to try out! They mix and match different seeds, grains, nuts, and more, so read away and try them out to find the best for you.

1. Granola with quinoa and pomegranate topping for skyr

Granola has long been a favourite breakfast staple. Paired with quinoa, it reaches new heights of taste and texture. The nutty essence of quinoa meets its match in the spelt flakes and oats, resulting in a richer and more satisfying granola bite. Top the granola with vibrant pomegranate seeds and roasted hazelnuts to make the result both crunchy and juicy. The understated but aromatic sprinkle of thyme adds an unexpected yet delightful herbal note, completing this tasty ensemble of granola with quinoa.

2. Homemade granola with cinnamon

Who can resist the allure of homemade granola with cinnamon ? The warm and aromatic touch of cinnamon not only elevates the flavour but also infuses the granola with a comforting aroma. So, combined with a generous dollop of skyr and a sprinkle of red berries, this granola transcends breakfast norms. The creamy texture of skyr contrasts beautifully with the crispy granola, delivering a textural experience like no other. And those red berries provide both a visual and flavourful punch, adding tangy notes to the sweet and spicy granola.

3. Coconut granola

Coconut's tropical flair can transform anything mundane into something exotic, and granola is no exception. This rendition of granola brings together the crunchiness of oats, the richness of graham flour, the slight bitterness of almonds, and the sweetness of dried fruits. Combined, these ingredients, laced with the unmistakable aroma and flavour of coconut, offer a coconut granola experience that feels like a tropical getaway in a bowl.

4. Granola with berries and seeds

For those who want to get the best start to their day, granola with berries and seeds is a winner. Blending sweet and tart berries with sticky honey, crispy seeds, aromatic vanilla, and hearty oats and quinoa, this granola is a flavour powerhouse. When this granola blend graces a bowl of skyr, it is not just breakfast but a delightful event to look forward to every morning.

Best tips for making easy homemade granola

Want to try your hand at homemade granola? There is truly nothing like the smell of oats and nuts toasting in the oven. Whether you are just starting or have been at it for a while, everyone can use some handy tips on how to make granola. Keep reading below to learn more and make sure every batch turns out just the way you like it.

Choose the best grains for the base

The foundation of any granola recipe lies in its base. Whole oats are a classic, celebrated for their distinctively chewy texture. When making the perfect granola blend, varying the grains can make a big difference. Incorporating spelt flakes into the oat base introduces a mildly nutty and slightly sweet undertone, while quinoa has an inimitable texture and subtle earthy flavour that offers a delightful contrast. Their textures and flavours will amplify the overall granola experience with every bite.

Explore flavours from sweeteners

Sweeteners play a pivotal role when making granola and go beyond just imparting sweetness; they influence the overall texture and mouthfeel of the granola and make it stick together in delicious, crunchy clusters of granola. Our two favourites are honey and maple syrup. Honey provides a rich, enveloping stickiness and an inherent, earthy sweetness that is unmistakable, while maple syrup offers a delicate caramelised undertone, enhancing the granola with a touch of woody sweetness. You can also try brown sugar or molasses, and, if you are in the mood for a hint of tropical richness, try coconut oil.

Decide on nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and other fillings

The beauty of granola lies in its versatility. You can easily add walnuts, almonds, pecans, or hazelnuts for more crunch. Shake things up by varying the sizes of the chunks, experimenting with finely and coarsely chopped nuts. Seeds such as flaxseed, chia, or sesame also enhance the flavour. When adding dried fruits like cranberries, apricots, or raisins to your mix, remember to do it towards the end of the baking process to prevent them from turning too hard or chewy.

Spice things up with warm spices

The subtle introduction of spices can transform the flavour profile. While cinnamon brings warmth and a sweet-spicy undertone, nutmeg offers a more nuanced sweetness. Cardamom has a very distinctive aroma that adds a fragrant twist. Vanilla can heighten the granola's aromatic allure, while touches of ginger or clove bring an unexpected depth. You can also dabble with different spice blends like a pinch of star anise or a sprinkle of allspice. Experimenting with various spice combinations can yield surprising and delightful results, so have fun trying out different combinations!

Toast it right

Achieving the perfect granola texture is an art. Toasting it to golden brown perfection requires patience and a keen eye. A consistent oven temperature, usually around 150°C, and regular stirring are crucial. Since granola can go from toasted to burnt quickly, it is very important to keep an eye on it while it is in the oven. You can always adjust the baking time based on your desired level of crunchiness or chewiness. And, as mentioned, remember to add dried fruits and berries at the end of the baking time or simply after baking.

Let it cool and store it correctly

Once out of the oven, patience is a virtue. Allow the granola to cool completely on the baking sheet, which helps it achieve the desired crunchiness. For storage, air-tight containers are your best bet. They preserve the granola's freshness and crunch and ensure that you have a delightful breakfast or snack ready anytime. Remember, a moist environment can make your granola go soggy, so always ensure your container is dry.