Made to nourish
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Made to nourish

Our delicious foods are made to nourish you and the people you love. And with all of dairy’s nutritional goodness, you can enjoy moderate amounts daily as part of a healthy diet*. It’s a yummy way to eat healthy.


Maybe you've had conversations around your dinner table about whether dairy can be a part of a sustainable diet. The good news is you can keep on enjoying it. The UN's FAO, the WHO, and national dietary guidelines around the world recommend dairy in moderate amounts as part of sustainable healthy diets, despite its environmental impact.

Milk is one of the world's main sources of calcium (49% of global nutrient availability), protein, and other nutrients. And it’s an affordable and convenient way for you to get nutrients.

Brown and white cows in a field

A glass of goodness

When you enjoy a cold glass of milk or pour milk over your morning cereal, you make a nutritious decision. Just one glass of milk (200ml) covers a good share of your recommended daily intake of protein, calcium, vitamins B12, B2 and much more**. That's a lot of natural goodness in every glass.

Child drinking a glass of milk

Nutrition made affordable

Wherever you may live in the world, it will likely cost you more to eat a healthy, balanced diet. The good news is that dairy's high nutrient value for its relatively low cost makes it an affordable nutritious food.

And although dairy is consumed and enjoyed globally, there are still some who struggle to afford it. So, driven by our vision to bring health and inspiration to the world, we work to bring more food to more people – like our powdered milk varieties, relied on by millions to boost nutritional intake.

Child eating dairy

Helping you eat well

How can we help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life? It starts with our vast and varied range of products that help you eat well at home and on the go, whether you’re a 2-year-old or 102. And to dive into the rewarding world of cookery, you can explore our recipe library – one of the largest in the world.

We also run educational programmes. Knowing where your food comes from and understanding how to cook from scratch, makes it easier to make healthy and yummy decisions. 

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Tackling food waste

Cutting food waste is good for the planet, your pocket and ultimately you. Why? Because wasting food is wasting all the resources used to make it. So, we're always working to reduce our waste before the food reaches your basket – and to help you reduce your waste in the home.

Want a little helping hand to cut food waste? We continuously provide the helpful tips and tricks you need to get going. Like knowing how to check whether your food can be eaten past its best before date, handy meal plans and clever ways to use up your leftovers.

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