A farmer and his child outside a farm building

“We are Arla farmers,
this is our Farmer Promise”

We’re surrounded by the environment every day, Arla farmers care about their cows and the world around them, ensuring the ingredients in our products are as natural as possible.




A farmer smelling clumps of hay

future of dairy

Our farmer promise

A farmer wheeling a wheelbarrow

Arla farmers strongly believe that dairy is part of a healthy and sustainable diet. This is why they have worked for many years to continuously improve their farms, dairies and products.

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A farmer with cows

The welfare of our cows is the key to our success

Our farmer promise

A cow grazing in a field

It’s quite simple really. Arla farmers want to keep their cows comfortable and well cared for, because healthy cows are happy cows.

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A woman laughing with a glass of milk in her hand

Committed to giving natural goodness

Our farmer promise

A child drinking a glass of milk

Arla farmers are proud that milk is nature’s original superfood, full of natural goodness and packed with vitamins and minerals.

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