Figs, apple and honey topping for Skyr

Figs, apple and honey topping for Skyr

Figs and honey make a timeless duo, and when they team up with crunchy apples, refreshing mint, and tangy skyr, their collaboration takes things up a notch. Whether you add this topping to your breakfast bowl, enjoy it as an afternoon treat, or indulge in a refreshing dessert, this fusion of flavours is a surefire winner.


Step 1
  • Divide the skyr between two serving bowls.
Step 2
  • Cut figs into six wedges each and put them on the skyr.
Step 3
  • Cut the apple in half, remove the core and cut into wedges
Step 4
  • Add apple and honey to the skyr and sprinkle the chopped mint leaves on top

The experience of this topping depends highly on the figs. So, when you are shopping for figs, go for the plump ones with a deep purple colour. Make sure to pick ripe ones that feel a bit soft when you touch them, as they will bring more sweetness and flavour. Create a different sensory experience by cutting the apple differently, for example, in chunks or small dice. You can also opt for a softer mouthfeel with grated apple. In this case, you might want to add, for example, chopped hazelnuts or coconut flakes to maintain some crunch.

Questions about figs, apples, and honey topping for skyr

Kickstart your morning with a refreshing topping of figs, apples, and honey. We have got you covered with answers to some popular questions.

Can you use figs as skyr topping?
Yes, you can use figs as a topping for skyr. Figs bring a subtly sweet taste that wonderfully complements the rich and tangy skyr. Cut fresh figs into wedges and watch how their beautiful colour adds a touch of vibrancy to the bowl.
What other skyr toppings are good with figs?
The sweet flavour of figs pairs well with various ingredients. In this recipe, we recommend a combination of figs, apples, honey, and mint, but you can experiment to find your preferred combination.
How to cut apples for skyr topping?
To cut apples for topping, start by halving them vertically, and remove the core. Peel them or leave the skin on as you prefer. Then you can cut them into wedges or opt for mouth-sized chunks. You can also cut them into small dice or even use a grater to make shredded apples.


Arla® Skyr Creamy
450 g
Fresh figs
2 tbsp
Fresh mint Leaves

Figs with honey, apple, and mint – a fresh, soft, and easy topping for skyr

Throughout culinary history, figs and honey have been a go-to duo in kitchens all around the world. This combination has been loved and embraced for ages, showing that the two ingredients work together effortlessly, and this topping is no exception.

The sweet honey and the soft, juicy figs almost melt in your mouth with the velvety skyr that complements the sweetness with its tangy flavour. Fresh apple and mint leaves bring crunch and a refreshing touch. It does not take long to prepare, but you still get a variety of flavours and textures ensuring a satisfying meal.

Skyr is the perfect versatile base for a variety of toppings. If you want more options as easy and quick as this one, consider this apple and raspberry topping or this banana and chocolate topping. If you have a little time to spare, we recommend pampering yourself with a poached pears with star anise and vanilla topping or a strawberry and baked rhubarb topping.