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our brands

Passionate about dairy

We’re passionate about dairy and the benefits it brings to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Every one of our brands reflects this, so read on to find out more about the Arla family.

Arla Barista Milk

Elevate your at-home coffee experience with Arla Barista milk. Just like the coffee made by professional baristas.

Arla Protein

Delicious low-fat protein yogurts, pouches, shakes and puddings packed with nutrients needed to maintain and grow muscle mass.

Arla Skyr

Super thick Icelandic style yogurt that's naturally high in protein. Whatever your taste, Arla Skyr has a flavour for you.

Arla B.O.B

Fat-free skimmed milk that tastes as full-flavoured as semi-skimmed. 

Arla Cravendale

The tastiest British milk, filtered for purity, this makes Arla Cravendale stay fresh for up to 3 weeks unopened & 7 days when open.


Deliciously Nordic oat based drinks and oat based fermented products.

Arla LactoFREE

Thanks to Arla LactoFREE, you can now enjoy the goodness and great taste of dairy but without lactose.

Arla Big Milk

Simply fresh whole milk that's enriched with essential nutrients, vitamin D, A & Iron.


Farmers Milk

Arla Farmers Milk gives back an extra 25P per bottle to support our farmers.