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Sustainable dairy farming

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At the heart of Arla's farmer-owned cooperative is the dairy farm itself, and our commitment to sustainability begins there.

We strive to ensure that our farms work in harmony with surrounding ecosystems, from the natural environment to local communities and economies. We have farmed the land for generations, and we have the benefit of decades of knowledge and experience that helps us continually take steps to do things better.

Stronger planet

FarmAhead™ Check Support Improvements on Farm

Arla’s FarmAhead™ Check helps our dairy farmers target and reduce their CO2e emissions.

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Stronger planet

Making the Most of Manure

Cow poop is poised to be pivotal in a renewable-energy revolution, and pioneering Arla farmers have already begun harnessing its power.

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Our global

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of milk with 30 % from 2015 levels, by 2030

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The UN Global Goals of Sustainable Development

Our work towards more sustainable dairy farming supports UN SDGs

  • No. 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation by ensuring nitrogen & phosphorus are in balance on our farms.
  • No. 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy by using renewable energy sources on our Farms.
  • No. 12 - Responsonsible Consumption & Production by leading the way in dairy farming.
  • No. 13 - Climate Action by continuing to reduce the CO2e on our farms and working towards Carbon Net Zero in 2050.
  • No. 17 - Partnerships for the Goals by working with others and the farming industry to ensure a sustainable dairy future for us all.