Blackberry smoothie bowl

Blackberry smoothie bowl

15 min
Packed with a potent purple colour, this blackberry smoothie bowl is made for days when you want to inject a little life into your breakfast or afternoon snack because once you lay your eyes on it, there is no going back. A blackberry smoothie bowl is versatile in nature, meaning that it can be made in a myriad of ways and therefore easily can be adjusted to suit your preferences and kitchen supplies.


Blackberry smoothie
  • Set aside 10-12 blackberries and half of the banana for topping.
  • Blend the rest of the blackberries with the rest of the banana, quark, and oats for about 2 minutes to a thick smoothie.
  • Divide into 2 bowls.
  • Split the half banana lengthwise and cut the kiwi fruit into thin slices.
  • Place fruit, coconut flakes, and seeds onto the smoothie bowls.
  • Drizzle with honey and garnish with mint leaves.
  • Serve immediately.

Serving a banana and blackberry smoothie bowl at the wrong temperature can lead to a watery and slightly uninteresting eating experience. Make sure that you serve it immediately after making it – or, if you need to prepare it in advance, store it in the fridge with the toppings separately.


To ensure the desired consistency of your smoothie, try blending it in stages. Begin by blending frozen blackberries and quark until the texture is smooth. After that, add the remaining ingredients and blend away until the mixture is just the right type of smooth for you.

Questions about blackberry smoothie bowl

Should you have any burning questions about making a blackberry banana smoothie bowl, we have the answers. Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

What to put in a blackberry smoothie bowl?
To get a creamy, flavourful smoothie bowl, we recommend using frozen blackberries, banana, quark, and oats. This combination ensures a balanced flavour and a perfect texture. If you want, you can replace the quark with, for example, skyr which will give you an equally delicious result.
What toppings are good on a blackberry smoothie bowl?
You can use a wide selection of toppings on a blackberry smoothie bowl, but we suggest a good combination of fruits and seeds. Blackberries, banana, kiwi, and passion fruit work exceptionally well together. They bring a combination of sweetness and tartness as well as a creamy and juicy texture. Chia seeds and coconut flakes add a mildly exotic flavour, while honey imparts lovely floral notes alongside its direct sweetness.
Can you store blackberry smoothie bowl in the fridge?
You can store a blackberry smoothie bowl in the fridge, but it is recommended that you consume it right after you make it to maintain its taste and texture. If you store it in the fridge, you should enjoy it within 24 hours and give it a stir before consuming it.


Smoothie bowl
Frozen blackberries
300 g
Banana (approx. 225 g)
Arla® Skyr
250 ml
3 tbsp
Kiwi fruit, peeled
Passion fruit, seeds
Coconut flakes
2 tbsp
Chia seeds
2 tsp
Liquid honey
2 tbsp
Fresh mint leaves

Try our easy recipe for blackberry smoothie bowl

Jam-packed with flavours, this tempting blackberry smoothie bowl not only tastes good, but the recipe also makes for an easy preparation process. And when it is easy to make, it allows you to make it any time of day, from breakfast to evening snacks.

If you like the concept of smoothie bowl, you can discover more options in our recipes, for example, dragon fruit smoothie bowl or spirulina smoothie bowl. And if you want it to be extra scrumptious, try our chocolate smoothie bowl. A colourful breakfast bursting with flavour

What better way to start the day than with a breakfast with vibrant colours? The blackberries provide a beautiful colour to the smoothie and combined with the green kiwi, yellow banana, and orange passion fruits on top, you end up with a little piece of art in your bowl.

But of course, it is not all about the looks. The berries also bring a sweet and slightly tart flavour and complemented by the tangy quark, it makes the perfect match for the toppings popping with sweetness, freshness, and crunch.

Also perfect on a brunch table or as a refreshing snack

After your first mouthful of creamy blackberry smoothie, you will quickly discover that it is not reserved just for breakfast. We can wholeheartedly recommend it for any time of day. You can easily enjoy it as a post-workout snack or a quick treat when you are in need of something delicious to keep you going in the afternoon.

You can also include the smoothie bowls as a part of a big brunch table. With sweet and mildly exotic coconut flakes, chia seeds, and liquid honey next to the fruit, all you need to remember is to make enough, as they are likely to disappear fast.

Make it your own

The key to making the best blackberry smoothie bowl is to make it exactly how you want it. We do not take ownership of our recipe; we want you to have fun and experiment with it.

The oats provide the smoothie base with texture and volume, but you can also use different seeds to achieve the same consistency. Both quinoa flakes and chia seeds work wonderfully, and just because you have chia seeds as topping does not mean you are not allowed to add them to the smoothie as well.

With such a wide variety of toppings, you can easily pick and mix other options based on your preferences. For example, try sliced strawberries. They bring a lovely sweetness along with yet another dimension of eye-pleasing colours. Instead of liquid honey, a drizzle of sweet nut butter is also a popular option.