Orange and blueberry topping for skyr

Orange and blueberry topping for skyr

Elevate your skyr experience with this delightful and colourful blend of zesty oranges and succulent blueberries. Topped with crunchy and nutty granola, this wholesome and flavourful combination is the perfect way to start your day or enjoy a satisfying snack.


  • Peel the orange and cut the segments into pieces.
  • Put a few spoons of skyr into a bowl and add the fruit, berries, and granola to it.

Granola offers two options: homemade and store-bought. Making your own lets you customise and control the ingredients, while store-bought is easy and allows you to choose from a wide variety. If you choose homemade, create a custom mix of your favourite nuts and seeds, lightly toasted with honey, oil, or the like, for a crunchy topping that complements the juicy fruits.

Questions about orange and blueberry topping

Experience the vibrant freshness of oranges and blueberries in this delicious topping that is sure to invigorate your mornings. Keep reading to find out more!

Do you use fresh or frozen blueberries as a topping for skyr or yogurt?
Both fresh and frozen blueberries can be used as toppings for skyr or yogurt. Fresh blueberries offer juiciness and a vibrant flavour, especially when in season. On the other hand, frozen blueberries are convenient, available year-round, and can create a delicious fruity sauce when thawed. You can also add them still frozen on top for a cold, crunchy treat.
What skyr to use for an orange and blueberry topping?
For an orange and blueberry topping, you can use plain skyr as the base. It has a creamy, tangy flavour that serves as a perfect canvas to complement the sweetness of the oranges and blueberries. You can also make the whole thing sweeter by using, for example, vanilla skyr or yoghurt.
Can you use other toppings with orange and blueberry for skyr or yogurt?
Besides granola, you can add some extra crunch to your bowl with chopped almonds, walnuts, pecans, or pistachios. Toasting these nuts enhances their flavours even further. If you are craving a tropical twist, try toasted or untoasted coconut flakes, which add a delightful chewiness to your skyr or yoghurt. And for those with a sweet tooth, drizzle a touch of honey or maple syrup for a natural and delightful glaze.


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Granola with nuts

Get a burst of colour with an orange and blueberry topping for skyr

Kickstart your day on a vibrant note by adding a burst of colour to your morning routine! A classic bowl of skyr is sure to be elevated with this fusion of juicy oranges and succulent blueberries. Whether you crave a wholesome breakfast or a delightful snack, this orange and blueberry topping is the perfect choice to brighten your day. If you love the juicy goodness of oranges, why not take it up a notch with our chocolate and orange topping for skyr? And for all the berry fans out there, do not miss our mixed berry topping for skyr that will surely delight your taste buds!

Sweet and tangy fruit and berries with crunchy, nutty granola

In this delightful topping, the juicy sweetness of oranges combines with the lively tanginess of blueberries, and both are complemented by crunchy granola. The interplay of flavours and textures, enhanced by the nutty goodness of granola, creates a treat that is both indulgent and wholesome. Choose your favourite granola filled with flavourful nuts to create a bowl that is just to your liking.