Destination? Cutting the emissions
The Transport

Destination? Cutting the emissions

Every day, our raw milk is transported from farms to dairies and eventually to your local supermarket. In each trip, we see opportunities to cut emissions. It’s all part of our journey to reduce emissions by 63% (owned logistics) and 30% (third-party logistics) by 2030*.

Fossil free trucks

Owning a large part of our transportation means the road ahead is paved with opportunity. And we’re picking up the pace with a clear goal: to make all our owned logistics in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and UK run on 100% fossil-free energy by 2030.

If you spot an Arla truck on a Swedish road, it’s not just bringing dairy to supermarkets, it’s part of a fleet that went 100% fossil-free even earlier, in 2018.

Arla truck

Smarter from A to B

How our trucks are driven and powered helps us cut emissions from transportation. It’s not just about how far we drive. It’s also about how we drive. 

In Denmark, we worked with a leading supplier in optimisation software and analytics, to help optimise the routes for approximately 3000 daily deliveries of dairy to our customers. The work resulted in an 8% emission reductions from fewer kilometers driven. And our trucks are optimally fueled as well, keeping weight and our footprint low.

Arla milk truck