Mango smoothie with green juice

Mango smoothie with green juice

15 min
If you think you tried every smoothie combo under the sun, buckle up! Try our recipe for a tropical mango smoothie with green juice bursting with colours and flavours. Enjoy the sweet fruit partnering up with the rich creaminess of skyr and a light touch of milk. Then, in swoops a team of fresh greens: apple juice, kale, spinach, and fresh zesty lemon balm, creating a beautiful, colourful contrast to the smoothie. Get out your blender and start mixing!


Mango smoothie
  • Blend all ingredients for about 2 minutes or until the drink is smooth.
  • Pour the drink into 4 large glasses.
Green juice
  • Rinse the blender jar and blend all ingredients for about 30 seconds or until the juice is smooth.
  • Pour the juice into the 4 glasses with the mango smoothie.

When making the green juice, it is crucial to thoroughly wash the kale and spinach leaves first to remove any dirt or grit.


From scratch or the easy way? You choose! Fresh apple juice will give that ideal tartness, although store-bought apple juice works fine as well. Choose your favourite, whether it is homemade or store-bought, or if it is made from sour or sweet apples.


Of course, the ideal time to enjoy your smoothie is immediately after making it. This ensures you experience the best taste and consistency. However, if you wish to save it for later in the day, you can store the smoothie and juice in separate airtight containers or jars in the fridge. Just remember to give them a good shake before adding the juice to the smoothie and drinking it.

Questions about smoothies with mango and green juice

A mango smoothie with green juice combines the delicious creaminess of a smoothie with the delightfully refreshing taste of juice. Intrigued? Keep on reading to find out more!

What is in the green juice in a mango smoothie?
Our green juice for the mango smoothie contains apple juice, kale leaves, spinach leaves, and fresh lemon balm leaves. The tartness of apple and the earthiness of kale and spinach contrast with the sweet, tropical flavour of mango. Lemon balm lends a refreshing note. These ingredients add a flavourful punch and make the smoothie more balanced in taste and texture. You can also use other leafy greens, broccoli, cucumber, lime, mint, or ginger – all of these and more work well in green juices!
Do you use fresh or frozen mango in a smoothie?
Both fresh and frozen mangoes can be used in a smoothie. Fresh mangoes provide a vibrant and slightly more pronounced flavour. However, we recommend using frozen ones as they lend a thicker, creamier texture to the smoothie and keep it cool. But the choice between fresh and frozen primarily depends on personal preference and availability.
How long will a mango green smoothie last?
A mango green smoothie can typically last in the fridge for 1-2 days. However, it is best when enjoyed immediately after preparation to maintain the best taste and texture. Over time, the smoothie can separate and lose its freshness. It should be stored in an airtight container and shaken or stirred before drinking it.


Mango smoothie
Frozen mangos
500 g
400 ml
Arla® Skyr plain
300 ml
Green juice
Apple juice
200 ml
Kale leaves
35 g
Spinach leaves
35 g
Fresh lemon balm leaves
200 ml

Enjoy a fresh, flavourful mango smoothie with green juice and skyr

Experience a tantalising fusion of tropical sweetness and vibrant greens with a fresh, flavourful mango smoothie with green juice and skyr. This delightful blend is an exquisite mix of the best of both worlds: the creaminess of a smoothie and the refreshing lightness of a juice. It is the perfect, light, and easy choice for breakfast, making sure you start the day with a burst of colours, something green, and something sweet. You can also serve it as a delicious accompaniment to sweet and savoury dishes at brunch. It has a creamy yet light consistency and a balance of tastes that enlivens your palate. The succulent sweetness of mango contrasts with the tartness of the green juice, while the silky skyr ties these flavours together. And who does not love a green burst in the morning? The swirl of green goodness is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Creamy skyr and sweet mango

What makes this mango smoothie so irresistible? It all starts with the dream team of sweet, tropical mango and the smooth tanginess of skyr. Together, they whip up into a delightful, tasty, and silky-smooth blend. Frozen mango amps up the tropical sweetness while adding a nice chill. Skyr brings an inimitable creamy tang that beautifully boosts the overall flavour. A dash of milk steps in to round everything off, giving the drink a velvety touch. This results in a smooth drink that leaves a delightful creamy aftertaste behind. Simple, but oh so tasty! If you love the taste of mango, be sure to check out our recipes for a mango chia pudding; a yoghurt bowl with coconut, mango, and passionfruit; or a tropical smoothie bowl with mango, coconut, and blueberries.

Add a burst of colour with green spinach and kale juice

The addition of green spinach and kale juice takes the mango smoothie to another level – both in terms of looks and taste. It is a dynamic blend of apple juice, kale, and spinach leaves, spiced up and refreshed with fresh lemon balm leaves. It does not just add a splash of colour; it introduces an irresistible freshness to the drink. The apple juice adds a subtle tartness that complements the sweet smoothie wonderfully. The kale and spinach both lend an earthy taste, while the lemon balm leaves introduce a refreshing note that lightens the overall taste. With a light swirl, the green juice creates an exciting contrast to the yellow smoothie in terms of colour and flavour.