Açai bowl

Açai bowl

15 min
Indulge in an açai bowl with a luscious base of creamy skyr, ripe bananas, frozen berries, and earthy açai powder, all blended into a delightful purplish treat. But wait, there is more! On top of this irresistible base, we pile on a variety of crunchy and fresh toppings. Oh, and did we mention the finishing touch? Edible flowers for a touch of elegance.


  • Blend skyr, wild berries, banana, and açai powder for about 2 minutes until you get a thick, even smoothie. Adjust the taste if needed.
  • Pour the smoothie into two bowls and scatter oats, chia seeds, bananas, almonds, and berries on top.
  • Decorate with edible flowers and serve.

Ripe bananas are key to getting the perfect base. They not only add natural sweetness, but they also contribute to a creamy, smooth texture. Ripe bananas typically have bright yellow skin that is free of green hues. They may also have small brown spots or speckles, which are sugars that have developed as the banana ripens. The texture of a ripe banana is soft but not mushy, and it should peel easily.


Using frozen berries instead of fresh ones in your base is a game-changer. They instantly chill your açai bowl, helping to create a consistency reminiscent of soft-serve ice cream. Moreover, you can stock up on them and have them ready in your freezer whenever the açai craving strikes.

Questions about açai bowl

If you want to know more about the versatile açai bowl, keep reading. Below we answer some frequently asked questions about it.

What is an açai bowl?
An açai bowl serves as a popular choice for breakfast or a snack. It consists of a blended base of yoghurt or skyr, açai, and fruits or berries. The mixture is typically thick and smoothie-like, poured into a bowl and topped with various ingredients such as oats, chia seeds, banana slices, nuts, and extra berries.
What is in an açai bowl?
There are no rules about what goes into an açai bowl. Generally, it consists of a deliciously creamy base made from yoghurt or skyr blended with fruits, berries, and, of course, açai berries or powder. As a counterpoint to the creaminess, it typically has a variety of toppings, like granola, seeds, nuts, and fresh fruits, giving the bowl that lovely crunch and texture. In this recipe, we opt for a base of forest berries-flavoured skyr, but you can also choose a skyr natural to leave room for the toppings to shine.
Can you save an açai bowl for later?
Yes, you can save an açai bowl for later. However, it is best to store the base and toppings separately to keep the texture and taste intact.
What does an açai bowl taste like?
Açai powder, derived from açai berries, imparts an inimitable, earthy flavour that some describe as a blend of wild berries and dark chocolate. Depending on what other ingredients you use, you can create a lot of different flavour experiences based on your preferences.
What is the base of an açai bowl?
The base typically consists of a blend of yoghurt or skyr, açai powder, and sometimes fruits or berries. This mixture creates a smoothie-like consistency that serves as the foundation of the bowl.
How long can an açai bowl last in the fridge?
An açai bowl's blended base can last in the fridge for 1-2 days when stored in an airtight container. To preserve texture and freshness, it is best to add any toppings just before eating.


Açai bowl
Wild berries skyr
300 ml
Frozen wild berries
200 g
Ripe bananas (approx. 200 g)
Acai powder
2 tbsp
50 ml
Chia seeds
1 tbsp
Banana, in slices (approx. 100 g)
50 ml
Blackberries and blueberries
100 g
Edible flowers, e.g., horned violets

Indulge in a delicious açai bowl

Immerse your senses in this delightful experience that is an açai bowl. The first thing you will notice is its enchanting purplish hue, a visual treat that hints at the feast to come. The taste reveals a harmonious blend of flavours from the creamy, slightly tart skyr base balanced by the sweetness of ripe bananas, tangy frozen berries, and the inimitable, earthy undertones of açai powder. The bowl is punctuated with a fresh and crunchy topping, a medley of oats, chia seeds, banana slices, and nuts, plus the sweet-tart burst of fresh berries. Garnished with edible flowers, this bowl is more than a dish – it is a personal treat designated to tantalise your taste buds while adding a touch of joy to your day.

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A skyr base with frozen berries, banana, and açai powder

At the heart of the bowl is a delectable base of skyr, frozen berries, banana, and açai powder. Skyr lends a smooth and slightly tart taste, beautifully balanced by the sweetness of ripe bananas. The frozen berries add a refreshing tang, while the açai powder brings its distinct, earthy flavour reminiscent of wild berry and dark chocolate. The combination results in a flavourful, satisfyingly cold base with an inviting creaminess and a mouthwatering aroma.

A delicate topping with fruit, berries, and crunch

The crowning glory of this bowl is its delicate toppings. Sprinkled atop the velvety base is a mix of oats, chia seeds, banana slices, almonds, fresh blackberries, and blueberries. The oats and chia seeds provide a hearty crunch, the bananas a soft sweetness, and the almonds a delightful nuttiness. The fresh blackberries and blueberries offer a burst of sweet-tart flavours, ensuring that every spoonful complements the creamy base perfectly.

A solid breakfast, brunch, or afternoon snack

One of the great joys of this easy recipe is its versatility. It is a solid choice whether you are seeking a quick but satisfying breakfast, a decadent brunch, or a hearty afternoon snack. Best of all, you can make this treasure trove of taste and texture in mere 15 minutes. This recipe demands little but gives so much, offering an exciting variety of flavours and textures. It is a testament to how something so simple can bring such a rich and rewarding taste experience.