Delicious ideas for yogurt toppings

Delicious ideas for yogurt toppings

From now on, you will never tire of your breakfast or afternoon snack: We bring you a heap of delicious ideas for yogurt toppings! That way, you can easily shake up your day-to-day meals with variations and new recipes. All the recipes for yogurt toppings share some core traits. Most of our yogurt topping ideas take only a few minutes to prepare – some need to sit overnight while others are ready in a jiff. They are all filled with juicy, crunchy, indulgent, creamy, and irresistible ingredients, giving you everything you need to start the day right!

How to choose the perfect toppings for skyr or yogurt

To select the perfect toppings for skyr or yogurt, explore your personal preferences in taste, texture, and presentation.

● Mix and match and experiment, so you get a little bit of everything you love in your bowl.

● Use fresh fruits and berries with skyr or yogurt to get a diverse range of flavours – from the tropical sweetness of mango to the tangy burst of berries.

● Add crunch with different nuts paired with complementary fruits, bringing a delightful textural experience to the creamy yogurt or skyr base.

● Add a touch of indulgence or gourmet by sprinkling in some chocolate, herbs, or adding preserved fruit or berries.

● Add homemade granola. Toasted to perfection, it is a favourite for many, offering a delightful crunch that pairs wonderfully with almost any other topping.

Juicy fresh fruits and berries

Exploring the vibrant world of fruits and berries for toppings? Striking the right flavour balance is key. Tropical fruits like mango, kiwi, pineapple, coconut, and passion fruit offer a natural sweetness and burst of colour. Often, these tropical treasures are paired with fresh berries or even other exotic fruits. Berries, with their unmistakable tartness and soft texture, have long been topping favourites. Their vibrancy complements everything, from the exotic tropical ensemble to classics like baked rhubarb. Dive into our favourite fruit-and-berry yogurt topping combinations below:

Strawberry and baked rhubarb topping

Apple and raspberry topping

Mixed berry topping

Kiwi and strawberry topping

Orange and blueberry topping

Mango and passion fruit topping

Pineapple coconut topping

Crispy, nutty delights

Let us switch it up a bit. We know there are plenty of people who enjoy crispy, nutty delights in their breakfast bowl or afternoon snack, so why not help you on your way with a few suggestions of our own?

Peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping for skyr

It is simple, easy, and utterly delicious. This flavour-exploding peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping is a great choice to spice up your breakfast bowl. With a lovely crunch from pecan, every spoonful has a pleasant mouthfeel: soft and with a bite!

Pistachio, raspberry, and mint topping for skyr

Discover the great combination of pistachio, raspberry, and mint! It makes the perfect topping trio of ingredients that give your yogurt an incredible crunch, some sweet and tart berry goodness, and a magnificent refreshing twist from the mint to finish it off.

Peach, pecan, and cardamom topping for skyr

Give your taste buds and skyr a pleasant surprise with this peach, pecan, and cardamom topping. Filled to the brim with juicy and fruity sweetness and lovely crunchy pecan as well as a light sprinkle of cardamom seeds, this topping variation delivers both taste and texture.

Strawberry, walnut, and vanilla syrup topping for skyr

Sometimes, all you need is a dose of delicious sweetness – and with our strawberry, walnut, and vanilla syrup topping, you get just that. These toppings give you a more concentrated sweetness without sacrificing the fresh berry boost from the strawberries.

Fruit and almond topping for skyr

With our delightful fruit and almond topping, you bring a wonderful combination of nuanced sweetness with tangy undertones right into your kitchen. It gets a creamy boost from the banana, while the almonds provide that sought-after crunch to make every spoonful a flavour journey.

Chocolaty indulgence

If you are looking to boost your weekday morning, a simple touch of chocolaty indulgence will surely do the trick. We have a few recipes that are bound to help you on your way if you are searching for that dark, indulgent sweetness.

Banana and chocolate topping for skyr

A flavour combination loved by everyone, our classic banana and chocolate topping fit together like peas in a pod. The banana is creamy and sweet, making it fit perfectly with the rich, indulgent tones of the chocolate. To make it even better, you can add a handful of pistachios for that crunch we all love and enjoy.

Chocolate and orange topping for skyr

Welcome your morning breakfast or afternoon snack with delectable chocolate and orange topping. The combination is brilliant and thoroughly loved. Orange is a great way to add some bright, citrusy flavours into the mix, and it goes perfectly with the rich and deep sweetness of the chocolate.

Orange, chocolate, and pistachio topping for skyr

You already know just how brilliant orange and chocolate taste together, but the mix of orange, chocolate, and pistachio is a highlight of its own. You get the fresh boost from the orange, the indulgent sweetness from the chocolate, and the crunch from the pistachios.

Sophisticated, gourmet flavours

Seeking to elevate your breakfast experience or simply curious about gourmet flavours? Dive into the world of refined toppings for yogurt or skyr. Ingredients like pomegranate, preserved cherries, figs, star anise, and poached pears might seem unconventional, but they introduce nuanced depth to your bowl. While fruit and berry staples provide a familiar backdrop, gourmet additions take centre stage. The essence of 'gourmet' lies in expanding our taste horizons. By incorporating bold elements like ginger, thyme, citrus, and honey, you add layers of complexity and richness. And that is exactly what you find in our recipes below:

Blackberry, citrus, and thyme topping

Pomegranate and fig topping

Ginger, dried figs, and fresh berries topping

Poached pears with star anise and blackberries topping

Figs, apple, and honey topping

Preserved cherries and almond flakes topping

Crunchy granola goodness

Skyr or yogurt go hand in hand with crunchy granola goodness, and for good reason. It might be one of the most popular choices for breakfast. And why, you may think? Because it works wonderfully with toasted, mildly sweet flavours and has an incredible crunch to boot. As a bonus, golden, well-roasted granola looks just beautiful when decorated on top of a bowl of skyr or yogurt.

Granola and seed topping for skyr

A true classic and for good reason, this well-known granola and seed topping has probably at one point or another found its way into most homes. It combines seeds and granola to give your bowl of creamy skyr or yogurt a crunchy consistency, while still managing to taste like heaven.

Granola with quinoa and pomegranate topping for skyr

Looking for a beloved breakfast and snack option? This delicious granola with quinoa and pomegranate topping blends flavours and textures perfectly! Oats, spelt flakes, quinoa, and roasted hazelnuts all help bring a tasty nutty flavour to the mix, while pomegranate seeds and thyme add a touch of freshness to the dish.

Homemade granola and red berries topping for skyr

You would think we could not reinvent granola once again, but we have. An easy homemade granola and red berries topping is the perfect choice for anyone who likes a bit of colour and a bit of juicy freshness with their crunch. The granola is full of honey and butter and has a delightful warmth from a dash of cinnamon.