Where the magic happens
The Dairies

Where the magic happens

Our dairies are where we turn raw milk into delicious and nutritious products. It’s dairy magic churned from over a century of knowledge and craftsmanship. And today, sustainability efforts at our dairies, from the energy we use to the waste we save, are helping us toward our target of a 63% CO2 reduction from 2015 to 2030*.

Powering change

Turning raw milk into the delicious dairy you enjoy costs energy. And plenty of it. That’s why we’re working to make sure that more and more of that energy comes from renewable sources. In fact, our goal is for our European production to be powered by 100% renewable electricity by the end of 2025. 

Today, we have purchase agreements with renewable energy companies, and are buying and owning our own renewable energy projects, including solar farms at some of our dairies. And a few of our dairies even buy renewable electricity directly from Arla farms.

Solar panels on farm

Every step counts

Are you mindful of turning off unnecessary lights to save energy? We look at our dairies with energy saving in mind too, reducing our environmental impact step by step. From big steps like installing more efficient heat pumps to small ones like installing LED lights that turn off automatically. Every action helps us reduce our energy consumption. It all counts.

Inside of a dairy

Energy champions

Maria here, is one of our passionate people who help turn science-based targets into sustainability efforts. Every site has an ‘Energy Champion’ like Maria who constantly monitors, analyses, and makes plans to reduce energy consumption. 

The global community of Arla Champions share a forum for ongoing training and sharing of successes, challenges, and experiences – knowledge that will help us reach our 2030 target of a 63% reduction in CO2 since 2015 (Arla’s Climate Ambition).

Inside Arla's dairy

The less food waste, the better

Our ambition for 2030 is to reduce the waste in our value chain by 50% compared to 2015. Like you probably do at home, we try to do this by using as many of our raw ingredients as possible. Only we get a little help from clever sensors and other innovative solutions that help us spot waste patterns in our production. If we have dairy waste that can’t be used to make other products, we then recycle it for animal feed or donate it to food banks.

Inside of a dairy