Spirulina smoothie bowl

Spirulina smoothie bowl

10 min
Let us take your breakfast to a whole new level with our spirulina smoothie bowl. Say goodbye to your regular, same-old breakfast and hello to an ultra-green smoothie bowl with spirulina crowned with a delightful topping. It is a delightful combination of blended banana, Greek yogurt, spirulina powder and honey topped with fresh fruit, berries, walnuts, and coconut and buckwheat flakes. This vibrant bowl is not just easy on the eyes, but it is also a festival of flavours and textures.


  • Blend the ingredients for the smoothie in a mixer and pour it into bowls.
  • Add toppings and serve immediately.

Spirulina powder provides the base for the smoothie bowl, so you should opt for a premium product that offers the best rich, earthy flavour. But remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to this powder – stick to the recipe and only add 1 tsp. You can always add a bit more but start slowly with just 1 tsp.


Remember to serve it immediately after blending. The magic lies in its fresh taste and the crunchy contrast of the toppings. Over time, the fruits could start to oxidise, and the toppings may lose their crunch, so capture the moment and enjoy your smoothie bowl at its peak.

Questions about spirulina bowls

If you are looking for a speedy breakfast, snack, or lunch option, you need to try our spirulina bowl recipe. All you need is a blender and a few well-picked ingredients that all come together in almost no time. Keep on reading to learn more about this smoothie delight.

What is a spirulina bowl?
A spirulina smoothie bowl is made from spirulina powder, a type of blue-green algae with vitamins, minerals, and protein. The algae are dried and crushed into a powder, and this powder is perfect for smoothies, juices, or sprinkled on top of various dishes. It has an earthy, oceanic-like flavour. The powder is blended with various fruits and yoghurt, skyr, milk, or the like to create a thick, smooth mixture. It is served in a bowl and topped with, for example, fruits, nuts, seeds, or granola, making it not only visually appealing but also highly customizable to one’s taste.
What does a spirulina bowl taste like?
The taste of a spirulina bowl largely depends on the other ingredients. Spirulina itself has a distinctly earthy, slightly seaweed-like taste which can be strong if used in large amounts. However, when combined with yoghurt, honey, and sweet fruits like bananas, the taste becomes more subtle. The toppings also contribute to the overall flavour, adding various textures and tastes. So, the overall taste can be a pleasing combination of sweet, tangy, and a hint of earthiness, all while maintaining a refreshing, fruity profile.
What toppings are good on a spirulina bowl?
A spirulina bowl can be enjoyed with a variety of different toppings. For instance, buckwheat flakes offer a delightful crunch, while blueberries and kiwi slices introduce a burst of tangy-sweet fruitiness. The addition of coconut flakes provides a tropical note and additional crunch, while walnuts contribute a rich, nutty taste. Finally, banana slices, with their soft texture and natural sweetness, balance the other toppings and make for a well-rounded flavour. You can always experiment with different seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries!


Greek yogurt
300 ml
Spirulina powder
1 tsp
Liquid honey
1 tbsp
Buckwheat flakes
1 tbsp
100 ml
Kiwi fruits slices
Coconut flakes
1 tbsp
50 ml

Bright green spirulina smoothie bowl – creamy and full of flavour

Enjoy a refreshing and vibrant breakfast with our bright green spirulina smoothie bowl. The stunning green hue is as visually pleasing as it is tasty thanks to the addition of spirulina powder. The magic of this bowl lies in its taste and texture, combining the earthiness and oceanic taste of spirulina with the creamy consistency of Greek yogurt and the sweetness of honey. The result is a perfectly smooth and full-bodied bowl that dances on your palate, making it a delightful and colourful way to kickstart your day. If you cannot get enough of these fruity, creamy bowls, we have plenty of recipes for you to try out. For instance, a mango smoothie bowl topped with granola and fresh fruit, a green smoothie bowl with skyr and spinach or a classic chia bowl with milk, fresh raspberries, and mangos.

With tangy, creamy Greek yogurt and sweet honey

Greek yogurt adds a tangy, creamy contrast to the spirulina powder, mellowing out its intense earthy and oceanic flavours. But the rich, creamy texture of the yogurt also contributes to the overall body of the smoothie bowl, making it feel more indulgent and satisfying. Meanwhile, the honey acts as a natural sweetener alongside the banana. The subtle sweetness marries the tanginess of the yogurt and the earthiness of the spirulina, which harmonises the overall taste.

Add something sweet, something sour, and something nutty on top

Toppings are a fun and delicious way to add more flavour and can take any bowl from good to great. Sweet banana slices add a delightfully soft texture and natural sweetness that complement the more robust spirulina flavour. The tangy-sweet blueberries and sour kiwi slices introduce a tart element that cuts through the creaminess of the Greek yogurt, creating a perfect harmony of flavours. To round it all off, we have some nutty additions. The toasted walnuts and buckwheat flakes deliver a desirable crunch and rich nuttiness that contrasts beautifully with the other softer, juicier components. With each bite of the green spirulina bowl, you get a bit of sweet, a bit of sour, and a bit of nutty, making each mouthful a delicious adventure.

Experiment a bit: make it thick and icy

If you fancy a more refreshing take on your spirulina bowl, we suggest using frozen fruits. Pop in some frozen bananas instead of the fresh banana or a handful of your favourite frozen berries and fruits. Not only will it ramp up the flavour and add a hint of sweetness, but it will also give it a thick, almost ice-cream-like texture. The result is a sumptuously thick and icy smoothie bowl that is perfect for getting you out of bed in the morning. The frosty change in texture provides a delightful contrast to the crunchy toppings, making each bite an icy, creamy, crunchy sensation that you will keep coming back to.