Matcha smoothie bowl

Matcha smoothie bowl

15 min
Breakfast can be quick at the same time as colourful and full of flavours. Our matcha smoothie bowl recipe proves just that! In just a few minutes, you can prepare yourself a creamy, skyr-based smoothie bowl with plenty of flavours from lovely ingredients like green tea matcha powder, fresh ginger, and banana. Topped with fresh fruit, granola, and shredded coconut, it is full of different tastes and textures sure to give you a great start to your day.


  • Blend skyr, banana, avocado, and the remaining ingredients for about 2 minutes until it is thick and even.
  • Sprinkle the smoothie bowls with granola, shredded coconut, apple, and kiwi or kiwi berries. Garnish with Indian cress and serve.

Besides using skyr, frozen fruits are the best way to ensure a thick, creamy texture that is pleasing to both the palate and the eye. Bananas make for an excellent base. When you blend frozen bananas, they yield a texture reminiscent of ice cream.


If you find yourself without frozen fruits on hand, there are still ways to achieve a thick, creamy texture. For instance, adding a handful of ice cubes can help thicken the smoothie and make it cold. However, be mindful that adding too much ice dilutes the flavour.

Questions about matcha smoothie bowls

A matcha smoothie bowl with a creamy skyr base makes for a delicious breakfast. To learn more about these delicious and decorative bowls, have a look at our answers to the most frequently asked questions about them below.

How do you use matcha in a smoothie bowl?
Often, when you hear ‘matcha’, you think of matcha tea. Here, the powder is whisked with hot water to create a frothy, concentrated tea. But matcha isn't just for tea. It is delicious in smoothies, and, as such, in smoothie bowls! Simply blend the powder with the other ingredients like skyr or yoghurt and fruit, and once everything is smooth and it has a vibrant green colour, it is ready!
What does a smoothie bowl with matcha taste like?
Matcha is quite complex with an earthy, rich, and slightly grassy flavour. So, smoothie bowls with matcha have a quite multi-faceted flavour profile with sweet and earthy notes depending on what else you add. We opted for skyr, banana, and avocado to make it smooth and creamy as well as sweet with nutty and tangy undertones. Spinach, with the matcha, adds vegetal earthy flavours. Since both are naturally a bit bitter, fresh ginger is used as a counterpoint. Ginger’s warming, aromatic flavour perfectly balances and brightens the flavours and adds a bit of heat.
What toppings are good on a matcha smoothie bowl?
Great toppings for a creamy and thick matcha smoothie bowl include ones that will provide additional texture and flavour. Granola and shredded coconut are good examples as they provide a nice chewiness with a bit of crunch and sweetness. Fresh fruit, too, can be used to balance the smooth consistency. Crisp, sweet apples and soft, zingy kiwi berries or regular kiwi are wonderful options that will complement each other and the overall flavour of the bowl.


Arla® Skyr plain
400 ml
Frozen, ripe banana
Ripe avocado
Frozen whole-leaf spinach
150 g
Fresh ginger, peeled
25 g
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
50 ml
Matcha powder
1 tsp
100 ml
Shredded coconuts
1 tbsp
Red apple, for instance, pink lady (approx. 100 g), sliced
Kiwi berries or kiwi, sliced
50 g
Edible flowers, for instance, Indian cress

Beautifully green matcha smoothie bowl with crunchy toppings

A thick matcha smoothie bowl makes for a delicious and beautiful breakfast, afternoon treat, or even dessert. It also works exceedingly well as a flavourful snack to tide you over between lunch and dinner. Its natural sweetness is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, while its multitude of textures keeps things interesting with every bite. With its combination of vibrant colours, it makes for an enticing display no matter when you serve it. Made with matcha, spinach, and avocado the primary colour is undeniably green. In addition to adding crunch, the red apple slices, golden granola, and white shredded coconut also provide beautiful contrasts to the green bowl's base to make the colour truly pop. If the vibrant colour scheme of this delicious bowl appeals to you, you might also be interested in having a look at our recipes for avocado smoothie bowl, spirulina smoothie bowl, and blueberry smoothie bowl too.

Creamy blended deliciousness with skyr and flavourful ingredients

This recipe is incredibly easy since all the ingredients are simply blended until you get a thick and creamy texture. As the base, we opted for skyr. This classic, delectable product naturally has a thick and creamy texture that lends itself well to smoothies and smoothie bowls alike. Its flavour is mild and slightly tangy, making it a great backdrop for all sorts of wonderful ingredients such as buttery, somewhat nutty avocado and earthy, slightly bitter spinach.

Earthy matcha, spicy ginger and sweet banana

The most prominent flavours of this matcha banana smoothie bowl are, of course, matcha and ginger. Derived from finely ground green tea leaves, matcha has a unique, vibrant flavour that is quite complex. It has a creamy, earthy vegetal taste with a slightly sweet aftertaste. But it also has a bitter edge to it, especially in more concentrated forms, making it perfect to mix with, for example, a sweet banana, which also ensures a thick, smooth consistency. Fresh ginger, meanwhile, has a warm, spicy flavour. It is highly aromatic and vibrant, infusing the bowl with its strong, distinctive taste. It also adds a bit of heat, and ginger’s natural warmth and spiciness provide a nice counterpoint to the earthy and somewhat bitter notes of the green matcha powder.

Add your own touch

One easy way to mix things up is to play around with different toppings. While you can use different types of granola to add crunch and flavour, you can also sprinkle with cocoa nibs or chia seeds. Cocoa nibs offer a rich, slightly bitter flavour that can complement the bowls' sweetness and earthiness, while chia seeds bring a subtle nuttiness to it that pairs nicely with the bowls' overall flavour profile. Or go greener with, for example, mint leaves! They add a refreshing flavour to balance the earthiness of matcha and look gorgeous on top. Another green touch that also enhances the bowl’s earthy flavour is sprinkling a bit of additional powder over the bowl. This intensifies the flavour and makes the bowl look even more appealing.