Chocolate and orange topping for skyr

Chocolate and orange topping for skyr

5 min
Go sweet and fresh with your chocolate and orange topping for skyr bowls. These bowls are great because they are easy to make and versatile. They are also filled with flavour with the addition of pistachios and a drizzle of honey. With our deliciously sweet and mildly tart combination of orange and chocolate, you are sure to find out why this pairing classifies as a true classic.


  • Peel the orange and cut it into small segments.
  • Then coarsely chop pistachios and chocolate.
  • Spoon skyr into two bowls.
  • Divide orange, pistachios and chocolate between the bowls and finish with honey.

To increase the bright flavour and aroma, you can add the zest of the orange to the bowl. Stir it into the skyr or yoghurt or simply sprinkle it on top.


For a different texture, you can also briefly melt the chocolate and use it as a sauce. It looks beautiful and tastes delicious. You can consider adding some of the orange zest into the sauce for an extra taste.

Questions about chocolate and orange topping

Below, we guide you through some of the most frequently asked questions on this delicious topping for skyr.

What chocolate to use as a topping for skyr or yoghurt?
You can use both white, milk, and dark chocolate as a topping for skyr or yoghurt. We opted for dark chocolate as this adds a beautiful dark colour along with a bold and mildly bitter flavour that goes well with the sugary sweet honey. If you like it sweeter, go for milk or white chocolate.
What skyr or yoghurt to use for a chocolate and orange topping?
Use plain skyr or yoghurt to ensure a creamy, fresh, and tangy bowl, which pairs perfectly with the sweet, bright, and citrusy toppings. However, to make it sweeter, go for a vanilla skyr or yoghurt, or even one with fruit or berry flavours.
How to cut an orange to use as a topping for skyr or yoghurt?
After you have peeled the orange and separated the segments, you can cut the individual pieces into smaller pieces. We suggest small slices that do not take up too much space on a spoon so that you can have different toppings with every spoonful. Just remember to remove potential seeds. You can also make thin orange fillets after peeling it to make the flavour and texture even more delicate in the bowl.


Of unsalted pistachios
1 handful
Dark chocolate
50 g
Arla® Skyr natural
300 g
2 tbsp

Indulgent chocolate and orange topping for an easy skyr breakfast

Breakfast never tasted better than with indulgent chocolate and orange topping on skyr. Fresh, chocolaty sweet, and with a fruity twist, it will help you start the day satisfied after a delicious breakfast. The orange brings beautiful colour with a bright, citrusy flavour that matches the darker hues and deep sweetness of the chocolate, resulting in a harmonious combination fit for the ages.

Balance the flavours with pistachios and a drizzle of honey

While the orange and chocolate topping make for a lot of flavours, nutty pistachios and a drizzle of honey help balance the tastes and textures. Honey comes with a floral aroma and adds a more intense sugary sweetness. Topped with delicious pistachios, the soft orange slices and creamy skyr is balanced by a lovely crunch. To explore more topping flavours, try this deliciously fruity apple and raspberry topping or classic granola and seed topping for skyr or yoghurt .