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Arla Big Milk is simply fresh whole milk enriched with essential nutrients to help fuel big adventures for your children aged 1+
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try Arla big milk today
Enriched with vitamins and minerals

try Arla big milk today

Enriched fresh whole milk for children aged 1+. We know it's important your little ones get the nutrients they need to fuel their amazing growth and development. Arla Big Milk is fresh cow's milk enriched with these essential nutrients so you can be sure they are getting what they need when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Nutritional information

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D is created in the body from sunlight on your skin, and helps keep your immune system healthy, as well as bones, teeth, and muscles. The problem is that the UK isn’t often sunny, so most adults get less then half the amount of vitamin D they need, and children are getting less than a third!

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Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Baby and child nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed shares tips to help parents get more vitamins and nourishment into their children’s diets.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed
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Extra goodness, really tasty
Extra goodness, really tasty

Growing up is hard work so make sure you give them a helping hand. Arla Big Milk is real milk that's packed full of goodness to help little adventurers grow up big and strong.

Packed with vitamins
Packed with vitamins

Arla Big Milk is full of Vitamins D and A, along with Calcium.* Public Health England recommends that 1-5 year olds have supplemental Vitamin A in their diets, and experts say that 10mg of Vitamin D per day helps bones grow, and keeps your kids immune system working like it should.

*Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones