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Arla Protein

Feed your drive

Protein is great, sure. But it doesn’t book the early morning spin class. Doesn’t push for the extra mile, or squeeze out an extra rep. That’s all you, and we’ll never try to take credit for your hard work. But we will help you to feed your drive with delicious, low-fat protein products and give you loads of fresh fitness ideas to help you stay inspired.

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Let's sweat

No gym? No problem. Celebrity workout coach Louis Rennocks has put together a series of videos to share his tried and tested techniques for improving your fitness.

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Have it your way

Feed your drive on the go, with our range of delicious, low-fat products. From yoghurts to pouches to puddings, there's a protein punch to suit every lifestyle and every single one contains a whopping 20g of protein.


Looking for an extra boost?

There's so many ways to enjoy protein as part of a balanced diet. Want to get creative? Check out our Arla Protein recipes and try something new.

Cooked baked oats stacked on a plate with fresh strawberries and yogure alongside two Arla Protein Straberry yogurt pots
Arla Protein Chocolate packshot made from 50% recycled plastic.


We’re on a journey towards a better future and one small step is ensuring more environmentally friendly packaging. Like tracking your physical activity – every step counts. The Arla Protein milk drink bottles are now made from 50% recycled plastic - we came from 100% virgin plastic. Yes, there’s still more to do on this journey, but small initiatives count too.

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