Ginger, dried figs, and fresh berries topping for skyr
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Ginger, dried figs, and fresh berries topping for skyr

5 min
Bless your breakfast skyr bowl with ginger, dried figs, and fresh berries – a delectable meal or snack option whenever you need a boost of incredible flavours. These toppings create a harmonious blend of texture and taste that is sure to fill the needs of anyone who hungers for something sweet, something fresh, and something delicious.


  • Finely grate the ginger and chop the dried figs.
  • Mix blueberries and pomegranate seeds with lime juice, ginger and figs cut into pieces.
  • Divide skyr between 2 bowls and spread the marinated fruit on top.
  • Sprinkle chia seeds over the fruit.

If you cannot find fresh pomegranates in the supermarket, you can often find the seeds available from the freezer. They are just as good and tasty, and then you are sure to always have some available.

Questions about ginger and dried figs topping

Below, we go through some of the most frequently asked questions on how to make a delicious topping for skyr with ginger and dried figs.

Can you use ginger as a topping for skyr?
Yes, you can most certainly use ginger as a topping for skyr. It adds a delightful zesty and aromatic flavour with a bit of warmth that goes hand in hand with fresh and creamy skyr. Simply peel and grate the ginger finely before use.
What other skyr toppings go well with ginger?
Dried figs and fresh berries go well with ginger. Not only do they bring a different yet much-welcome texture to the creamy dish, but they also blend perfectly in terms of taste with their fruity sweetness and slightly tart notes.
What fresh fruits and berries match with dried figs and ginger?
We opted for blueberries and pomegranate seeds to match dried figs and ginger, but you can use any topping that adds brightness, acidity, or more sweetness. For example, tangy or bitter citrus fruits, crisp and sweet apples or pears, sweet strawberries or tart raspberries, tropical pineapple, mango, or kiwi, or sweet melons.


75 g
Arla® Skyr mixed berries
300 g
Pomegranate seeds
75 g
Lime juice
1 tsp
Fresh ginger
1 tsp
Dried figs
40 g
Chia seeds
½ tsp

Add a whiff of ginger to your skyr topping

Adding something different and almost savoury to something sweet is always a great idea. So, this whiff of ginger as a skyr topping is ingenious. It has a naturally warm and slightly sweet taste, and its spicy notes never stray into overpowering territory. It is an excellent way for you to add another dimension of flavour that not only tastes incredible but also helps balance out the sweetness from the other ingredients. If you want a collection of topping recipes great for skyr bowls, we have a wide selection perfect for you. Why not try a portion of chocolate and orange topping or maybe a delicious granola with quinoa and pomegranate? You are sure to love it!

Balanced by dried figs, fresh berries, and chia seeds

Dried figs, fresh berries, and chia seeds help round out the delicious flavour profile from the tangy skyr and potent ginger. Dried figs make sure that every bite comes with a deliciously chewy texture full of a rich, mildly caramel sweetness. The blueberries give a juicy fruity sweetness with a slight tang, while the pomegranate seeds supply refreshing juicy and tart notes. To round it off, adding but a small amount of chia seeds will help bring a mildly nutty flavour to the dish – aside from their visually pleasing looks.