Greek yogurt bowl

Greek yogurt bowl

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Looking to shake up your breakfast routine? Then you are going to love our Greek yogurt bowls. These lip-smacking bowls bring together creamy Greek yogurt and cooked pearled spelt infused with aromatic notes of orange and vanilla. You can also use skyr, giving you a very versatile recipe where you can use whatever base you like best! On top is a medley of fresh fruits so you get to enjoy a burst of natural sweetness, vibrant colour, and various textures with every spoonful.


  • Bring orange juice, pearled spelt, vanilla pod, and seeds to a boil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Simmer on low heat with a lid on top for about 25 minutes – stir occasionally.
  • Cover the grains and place them in the refrigerator (or freezer) until they are cold. Remove the vanilla pod.
  • Stir yogurt or skyr with honey and lime juice. Fold the cold, cooked pearled spelt into the yogurt or skyr, and adjust the taste if needed.
  • Divide the grain-yogurt mixture into 10 glasses and put them covered in the refrigerator until serving.
For serving
  • Distribute the fruit on top of the grain-yogurt mixture. You can decorate with mint leaves and serve.

Get a head start on your breakfast preparation and make the spelt-yogurt mixture the day before. As instructed, let the spelt mixture cool before mixing it with the yoghurt. Then, place it back in the fridge until you are ready to use it in the morning. Wait with the toppings until you are ready to eat. Fresh fruit tends to retain its texture and taste better when it is added at the last moment. If the fruit is added too early, it might lose its crunch and freshness, or its juices might bleed into the yoghurt, changing the consistency.


And remember, you can just as easily use skyr. It is just as thick and flavourful, giving you everything you need in your bowl. So choose your favourite, whether it is Greek yogurt or skyr!

Questions about Greek yogurt bowls

These Greek yoghurt bowls are a fusion of breakfast and fresh fruit and are far easier to make than you might think. Have a read below and find out how you can make it perfect.

What can you add to a Greek yogurt bowl?
Greek yogurt bowls are delightful with a bunch of different flavours. Cooked pearled spelt brings a nutty flavour and delightful chewy texture, which complements the smooth and creamy yogurt texture. Its mild taste allows it to absorb and harmonise with the other flavours in the bowl. The addition of fresh fruits, such as grapes, mango, and orange filets, introduces a sweet and tangy element. The acidity from the fruit cuts through the creaminess of the Greek yogurt, making the bowl more refreshing and balanced.
How long will a Greek yogurt bowl last?
A Greek yogurt bowl, particularly one that includes fresh fruit and cooked grains, is best immediately after preparation to ensure the freshest taste and texture. However, if you need to prepare it in advance, you can refrigerate it for 2-3 days. Keep in mind that the texture of the ingredients may change over time; for instance, the fruit may soften and release more juices, and the grains could absorb more moisture and become less chewy. You can choose to store it without fruit to keep it better.
Can you use frozen fruit in a Greek yogurt bowl?
Yes! If you want a refreshingly cold touch, you can add a few cubes of frozen fruit, for example, mango or grape, which freezes very well. Frozen berries are also perfect on top, bringing an ice-cold and still juicy berry burst. And, when it thaws as you eat, it will release some delicious juices that mix beautifully with the spelt-yoghurt mixture.


Vanilla pod (seeds thereof) or an equivalent amount of vanilla paste
Orange juice
250 ml
Pearled spelt
100 g
Greek yogurt or skyr
½ l
Acacia honey
4 tbsp
Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 tbsp
For serving
Cut fresh fruits, for example, grapes, mango, and orange filets
500 g
Optionally fresh mint leaves for decoration

Greek yogurt breakfast bowl with fruit

Starting your day with a Greek yogurt breakfast bowl with fruit is an invitation to a feast of flavours and textures. Imagine a creamy base of Greek yogurt, lusciously mixed with the delicate sweetness of honey and a hint of zesty lime juice. The base becomes even more exciting when combined with pearled spelt that has simmered in refreshing orange juice and aromatic vanilla. The result is a surprising explosion of taste with wholesome and refreshing flavours. The garnish of fresh fruit adds another dimension to it. Enjoy a selection of orange filets with their bright citrus notes, succulent grapes bursting with natural sweetness, and the tropical appeal of fresh mango. The fruits not only add colour but also bring a contrasting texture and an extra layer of flavour that elevates the breakfast bowl to new heights. And the finishing touch? A sprinkling of fresh mint leaves. Their refreshing aroma and slightly peppery taste offer a subtle contrast that rounds off this delicious breakfast dish perfectly.

The perfect combination of breakfast and fruit salad

Combining breakfast and fruit salad is what makes this Greek yogurt bowl so compelling. It is a delicious crossover that is as wholesome as it is fresh. Imagine your classic fruit salad, teeming with colourful, juicy fruits, each bringing its distinctive flavour. Now, add the richness of Greek yogurt mixed with honey and lime juice, plus the hearty texture of cooked pearled spelt. Suddenly, you have transformed a light fruit salad into a delicious breakfast or light lunch. For more breakfast bowl ideas, be sure to check out our recipes for a matcha smoothie bowl with skyr, avocado, and spinach; a blueberry smoothie bowl topped with fresh berries; or a spirulina smoothie bowl with kiwi, blueberries, and banana.

Delicious portion-sized breakfast and brunch treats

These Greek yogurt bowls are just the thing to perk up your days. They are not only a hit for breakfast, but they are also fantastic as a brunch treat. The sizes are just right, making them ideal for those days when you want something light yet satisfying, or when you crave a bit of sweetness in the middle of the day. Portioned-out, they work perfectly on a brunch table with other small and sweet or savoury dishes, and they work equally great for breakfast to easily serve to each around the table. So, whether it is a weekday breakfast or a lazy Sunday brunch, these portion-sized treats are a delightful way to enjoy a meal that is as wholesome as it is tasty.

Try different versions of fruits and flavours

One of the best things about these Greek yogurt bowls is their versatility. The types of fruit you can use as toppings for these bowls are only limited by your imagination. Berries are a classic choice. Raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries all add a vibrant pop of colour and a tangy sweetness that works well with the creamy Greek yogurt. For a tropical twist, try adding slices of kiwi or pineapple. They will bring a touch of sunshine to your bowl with their tart-sweet flavours. You can also experiment with the overall flavours, adding a touch of cinnamon or cardamon when cooking the pearled spelt. Or, for a sweeter, more dessert-like touch, fold in some cold whipped cream and a bit more vanilla!