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At Arla, we strive continually to enrich and fortify the communities we are part of by creating jobs, opening transparent dialogues with local stakeholders, and supporting vulnerable populations. A key part of this is supporting other local dairy industries to produce more efficiently and to develop standards & practices.

Stronger people

Better Access to Affordable Nutrition in Bangladesh

In a country where 56% of children are underweight and malnutrition is prevalent, a new squad of determined female microentrepreneurs - Arla’s Pushti Ambassadors - are being recruited to help. They are working hard to bring affordable dairy nutrition to families in rural parts of the country with Dano® Daily Pushti milk-powder sachets. While inspiring people to have more nutritious food habits, these Pushti Ambassadors are also securing a reliable income that helps lift them out of poverty.

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Supporting Farmers in Nigeria

In a new public-private partnership in Nigeria (2019), Arla is committing to further development of a long-term sustainable dairy industry and local dairy sector in Nigeria by helping 1,000 small scale farmers create better livelihoods while strengthening its business in the country. 

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Our global

  • Increase market penetration by 2 % in 2020, reaching 71.4 million lower income consumers in Nigeria and Bangladesh (defined as segment D and below, based on national SEC segmentation).
  • Include 5000 women in our Pushti Ambassadors programme by 2022.
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The UN Global Goals of Sustainable Development

Our actions towards supporting communities link into the following UN SDGs: 

  • No. 2 - Zero Hunger by providing nutritious, affordable dairy products and working with small-scale farmers. 
  • No. 5 - Gender Equality by promoting non-discrimination and equal opportunities. 
  • No. 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth by creating jobs and supporting innovative business models.
  • No. 17 - Partnerships for the Goals by supporting capacity building.