Banana and chocolate topping for skyr

Banana and chocolate topping for skyr

10 min
Dive into a delightful breakfast experience with our banana and chocolate topping for skyr. Ripe bananas lend their natural sweetness, pairing perfectly with the rich and indulgent tones of chocolate. Add in the crunch and subtly savoury note of pistachios, and you get a deeply satisfying topping to transform your everyday skyr or yoghurt into a decadent treat.


  • Slice the banana into pieces and shell the pistachios.
  • Fill a bowl with a few spoons of Arla skyr vanilla. Add the banana.
  • Grate the chocolate over it and finish with a handful of pistachios.

Choosing a perfectly ripe banana with a few brown spots on its peel lends a bright and sweet flavour to your breakfast bowl, but if you prefer a subtler, less sweet flavour, you might want to go for a just-ripe banana, mainly yellow, with a hint of green at the ends.


Experiment with the sizes of the chocolate chunks. Use chocolate shavings, finely chopped chocolate or chocolate chips, or big coarse chunks of chocolate. Or, maybe, a mix.

Questions about banana and chocolate topping

If you want to know more about this simple and delicious breakfast topping, read our questions and answers below.

What kind of chocolate to use as a topping?
As a topping, you can use a variety of chocolate types depending on your taste. In this recipe, we suggest dark chocolate to add a rich, intense flavour that complements the sweetness of the banana and vanilla skyr. But milk chocolate offers a sweeter, creamier taste, and white chocolate adds a rich, sweet, and creamy dimension. If you prefer a 'raw' taste, cacao nibs are an excellent choice, providing a crunch and a bitter edge to balance the other flavours.
How can you use banana as a topping?
If you are all about freshness, simply slice the banana up and scatter the slices over skyr or yoghurt for a sweet bite. If you fancy something more indulgent, try caramelising the banana slices. This step involves lightly sautéing them in a pan with some butter and sugar until they turn golden and sticky. Caramelised or fresh, bananas add a lovely, sweet twist to any topping.
What goes well with a banana and chocolate topping?
Pistachios bring a distinct flavour and crunch, offering a delightful contrast to the sweet topping. You can also use other nuts like pecans, walnuts, or almonds. To further balance the sweetness of bananas and chocolate, consider using plain or vanilla-flavoured yoghurt or skyr. Their creamy, slightly tangy notes harmonise the overall taste, and when you choose vanilla, it lends an extra fragrant twist that makes every bite exciting.


Arla® Skyr vanilla
Dark chocolate
Handful of pistachios

Simple and classic combination: banana and chocolate topping with crunchy pistachios

The combination of banana and chocolate is simple yet timeless – and universally loved. The sweetness of ripe bananas harmonises beautifully with the rich, indulgent tones of chocolate, creating a delightful taste that resonates in every bite. Then, we take it up a notch with crunchy pistachios. They introduce some texture and a hint of earthiness that cuts through the sweetness and ensures that each mouthful is balanced in both texture and flavour.

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Add an extra touch with caramelised banana topping

Looking to add a little wow factor to your topping? Consider caramelising the banana slices. This transforms them from a simple, familiar fruit into a topping that is wonderfully complex in flavour and texture. The process of caramelising in butter and sugar enhances the banana's natural sweetness and gives them a beautiful golden colour, a crispy exterior and a soft, melting interior.