8 chia puddings and porridges to try

8 chia puddings and porridges to try

Chia recipes: 8 chia puddings and porridges to try

Starting your day with chia seeds for breakfast is like giving your morning routine a deluxe, luxurious feel. These portion-sized treats are an excellent addition to your morning, whether you are in the mood for a sweet chia pudding or a thicker chia porridge. The best part? We have 8 easy and irresistible recipes for you! With minimal effort, a customized flavour palette, and a grab-and-go format, overnight chia is a fantastic way to kick-start your day.

Classic chia bowl with vanilla skyr

Give the classic chia bowl with vanilla skyr a try, and you will quickly understand why it is a top choice for breakfast and snacks! This beloved and simple option is a favourite, and rightfully so. Its ease of preparation coupled with its simple base makes it an ideal canvas for an array of toppings. Our choice of granola, raspberries, and mango creates a medley of textures and flavours, combining crunchiness with fruity sweetness in a single bowl!

Chia with quinoa

This easy chia with quinoa recipe is perfect if you are looking for a flavourful, thick porridge. It combines quinoa flakes, chia seeds, shredded coconut, creamy milk, skyr, and mashed, sweet banana, making it an excellent choice for a complex flavour and texture experience with the sweetness of tropical flavours and subtle earthy notes. To complement the creamy base, a topping of orange slices and pomegranate seeds creates a vibrant pairing, both in taste and visual appeal.

Easy chia with coconut skyr

Our recipe for easy chia with coconut skyr is perfect for everyone looking for a tropical escape. The combination of the sweet, tropical, and nutty coconut skyr yogurt along with the mildly nutty chia seeds creates a flavourful base that is just waiting to be adorned with delectable toppings. Think sweet mango, tropical coconut flakes, and a touch of toasted rye bread crumbs – they all come together to complete this delightful treat.

Chia with raspberries

Chia with raspberries, oats, and skyr makes for a delightfully sweet and tangy morning treat or afternoon snack. This chia pudding is mixed with creamy skyr and nutty oats to give it a delightful thickness as well as juicy raspberries to bring a refreshing burst of sweetness along with vibrant colour and sweet-tart taste. And to make it even more irresistible, crunchy granola is added on top for an extra dose of goodness and texture.

Overnight chia pudding

Overnight chia pudding with skyr, blueberries, and pomegranates is a delightful breakfast treat. Overnight, the chia seeds create a gel-like consistency, and combined with the thick and creamy skyr, they form a luscious base. The addition of blueberries and pomegranates offers a burst of sweet-tart flavours, while a touch of honey brings in just the right amount of sweetness. Prepare it the night before, and by morning, you have a delicious pudding ready to grab and enjoy!

Chia with strawberry and rhubarb

Looking to elevate the classic chia pudding? Well, this sweet chia with strawberry and rhubarb takes indulgence to a whole new level. The creamy base of chia seeds, oats, and skyr gets a summery twist with a hint of elderflower floral notes. And when it comes to flavour, baked strawberries and rhubarb team up, blending the sweetness of strawberries with the tanginess of rhubarb. But that is not all! To top off this velvety chia pudding, balsamic caramelised hazelnuts add a satisfying crunch.

Chia with vanilla

Made from a delicious skyr base, this creamy chia with vanilla, crunchy almonds and plenty of fresh fruit is a mouth-watering treat bound to brighten your day. The creamy chia base is paired with fresh figs, stunning persimmon, and juicy apples. They decorate the pudding perfectly while providing a burst of fresh, sweet, and nutty flavours that lift this simple-to-make treat to another level. It is so sweet and delicious that it works as a scrumptious breakfast, fancy brunch item, or delicious everyday dessert.

Mango chia pudding

A velvety blend of mango, coconut milk, and regular milk with chia seeds form a luxurious mango chia pudding that is delicately layered with a combination of skyr and honey, adding a sweet, creamy counterpoint. The final flourish? A generous topping of fresh mango pieces and sweet coconut flakes. Not only does this delectable treat burst with mouth-watering flavours, but it is also delightfully simple to make.

The difference between chia pudding and chia porridge

Chia pudding and chia porridge, while both infused with chia seeds, have some key differences, too. Chia pudding is usually smooth and creamy, reminiscent of regular pudding. The seeds soak up liquid (usually milk or yogurt), making them expand into a gel-like texture, resulting in a creamy pudding. Chia porridge, on the other hand, is often thicker, like traditional oatmeal or porridge. It is often made with grains like oats or quinoa, giving it a different feel compared to the pudding, though the seeds still absorb and gel with the liquid. Both styles offer a fantastic way to enjoy chia seeds in a variety of flavours and styles.