Strawberry smoothie bowl

Strawberry smoothie bowl

Dive into a delightful world of flavours and deliciousness with this strawberry smoothie bowl recipe, where ripe bananas and creamy skyr create a luxurious base that feels refreshing and indulgent. The strawberries add a touch of freshness, balanced by the earthy sweetness of açai powder. Top the bowl with juicy mango, more strawberries, and crunchy granola to enhance its flavours and textures.


Strawberry smoothie
  • Blend skyr, strawberries, banana, and açai powder for about 2 minutes until you get a thick, smooth texture.
  • Pour the smoothie into two bowls and top with granola, mango, and strawberries.
  • Decorate with edible flowers and serve.

The secret to making a perfectly thick strawberry smoothie bowl is frozen fruit, specifically frozen strawberries and bananas. That gives the mixture a creamy, ice cream-like consistency. Balance the thickness by gradually adding skyr until you achieve a satisfyingly thick consistency.


Remember, the perfect smoothie bowl is not only about texture, but also about flavour, so use ripe bananas to ensure it is sweetened.

Questions about strawberry smoothie bowl

Making a homemade strawberry smoothie bowl with banana and açai is easy, and the result is sure to leave you satisfied. To learn more about this popular bowl, have a look at our answers to some frequently asked questions listed below.

Can you use frozen strawberries in a smoothie bowl?
Absolutely, you can and should use frozen strawberries in a smoothie bowl. Using frozen strawberries instead of fresh ones will result in a thicker, soft mouthfeel, which is typically desired for smoothie bowls. Additionally, frozen strawberries can be a great option when fresh strawberries are out of season or otherwise unavailable. Using frozen berries also means your smoothie bowl will be refreshingly cold, perfect for a warm day or as a post-workout refreshment.
What toppings to use for strawberry smoothie bowl?
When choosing toppings for a strawberry smoothie bowl, think of flavour, texture, and colour. Granola offers a delicious crunch that contrasts with the smooth base. Fresh strawberries intensify the strawberry flavour and add a vibrant, appealing colour. Mango lends a sweet, tropical twist and a lovely yellow-orange hue. However, toppings can extend beyond these. Consider adding other fruits and berries to create a medley of flavours and a beautiful colour palette. Chia seeds give a fun little crunch, while nuts offer a satisfying bite. Experiment with the elements to find your perfect balance.
Can you make strawberry smoothie bowl in advance?
Yes, it is possible to make strawberry smoothie bowl in advance. You can make the smoothie and freeze it for up to a week. Just note that it might lose some of its thick, creamy texture upon thawing. Let it thaw at room temperature for 20-30 minutes and give it a good stir before adding toppings. If you are planning on eating it within a day, store it in the fridge instead, as it preserves the texture better. Regardless of the storage method, it is best to add your toppings just before you eat to keep them fresh and crunchy.


Strawberry smoothie
Acai powder
2 tbsp
Vanilla Arla® Skyr
300 ml
Frozen strawberries
250 g
Ripe bananas (approx. 300 g)
50 ml
Mango, in small pieces
Strawberries, halved
100 g
Edible flowers, e.g., horned violets

Try a strawberry smoothie bowl with banana and açai

A strawberry and banana smoothie bowl makes for an excellent breakfast and serves nicely as brunch as well. The ripe bananas and the creamy skyr create a rich mouthfeel that makes the bowl luxurious enough to be used as a treat too. The strawberries imbue freshness and a hint of tanginess that perfectly balances the açai powder. Açai is a popular ingredient that lends a unique, tropical flavour to smoothie bowls. Its taste is often described as somewhere between that of wild berries and chocolate, so it is slightly sweet but also somewhat earthy. It pairs nicely with the sweet, ripe bananas that bring an almost vanilla custard-like flavour to the smooth bowl.

Sweet mango, fresh strawberries, and crunchy granola topping

The indulgence of this strawberry smoothie bowl lends itself well to a range of different toppings. A mix of fresh and crunchy variants will offer a nice contrast to its smoothness. Well-selected toppings also ensure an interesting eating experience. We suggest topping your bowls with sweet, tropical mango, fresh strawberries, and some of your favourite granola with seeds, grains, and nuts. This combination ensures that the flavours of the base itself are highlighted, the tropical undertones of the ripe bananas are heightened, and the bowl's creamy texture is contrasted. Arranging them in different ways is an easy way to vary the look of your bowls and make them even more enticing. If you are looking for more great smoothie bowl recipes, we suggest checking out our blackberry smoothie bowl or our tropical mango smoothie bowl. You can also go for a chocolate smoothie bowl.

Experiment with other berries and toppings

If you do not want the strawberries to play the main role alone, you can easily mix the delightful berries with other frozen fruits or berries. For example, let the mango advance to a smoothie ingredient rather than a topping for a more tropical flavour. You can also add tangy pineapple for more refreshing notes. Sweet-tart raspberries or blueberries also work well with the sweet strawberries and the earthy acai. If you want to serve your strawberry smoothie bowl with different toppings, all the fruits and berries mentioned above are good options for fresh and juicy additions. If you are looking for more crunch, chia seeds, nuts, and shredded coconut are good options that will add nutty undertones and sweetness, respectively.