Peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping for skyr
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Peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping for skyr

5 min
To many, skyr is one of the best, most versatile breakfast options out there. It is delicious with a variety of toppings, and our topping with peanut butter and banana with pecan and a pinch of cocoa powder is one of our favourites. Whether as a fresh and sweet breakfast or an irresistible snack in-between meals, these toppings add an avalanche of wonderful flavours to your skyr or yoghurt.


  • Spoon skyr into two bowls and top with banana slices, peanut butter, and chopped pecans.
  • Dust with a pinch of pure cocoa powder.

You can make your own peanut butter and make it just as smooth or crunchy as you want. For a basic one, you only need peanuts either natural or roasted. Simply blend them at high speed until the oils start to release, then keep blending until it is creamy, smooth, and delicious. You can add a bit of salt if you want or oils if you want it smoother. If you want it crunchy, remove 1/3 of the peanuts after a quick pulse when they are coarsely chopped, then stir them back in when the remaining 2/3 is smooth and creamy.

Questions about peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping

Although simple and easy, you might like to know more about this delicious topping. Below, you can read the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is peanut butter a topping?
Peanut butter is most definitely a topping – and a good one at that. It brings a different but pleasant kind of creaminess, and its nutty sweetness tastes terrific alongside other toppings like bananas, nuts, and chocolate. It is a topping delicious on skyr, yogurt, bread, toast, oatmeal, fruit, pancakes, and waffles. Use your imagination and get topping!
How to store leftover peanut butter, banana, and pecan topping?
If you have leftover toppings from breakfast or snack time, it is best to store them separately. Fresh banana, already sliced, is better eaten right away, but are otherwise okay for a few days in the fridge. Homemade peanut butter is good in the fridge for up to 1 month, while commercially produced peanut butter can last 2-3 months in the pantry or 6-9 months in the fridge. Pecans are good for 6 months when stored in a cool, dark place.
Is crunchy or smooth peanut butter better as a topping?
Both crunchy and smooth peanut butter are great as a topping on a bowl of skyr or yoghurt. It depends on what type you prefer, but a creamy, smooth kind fits very well with the already-crunchy pecan nuts and creamy skyr or yoghurt. If you like even more crunch, do not hesitate to try out the crunchier kind.


Sliced banana
Arla® Skyr plain
450 g
Chopped pecan nuts
2 tbsp
Peanut butter with peanut chunks
2 tbsp
Pinch of cocoa powder

Top yogurt or skyr with peanut butter, fresh banana slices, and crunchy pecan nuts

Skyr or yogurt work exceptionally well as a base, but you need a great selection of toppings to reach that full flavour palette for breakfast or an indulgent snack. With mouth-wateringly good peanut butter, fresh banana slices, and crunchy pecan nuts, you bring in the perfect combination of tastes that also bring a visually pleasing aesthetic to the dish with their smooth, soothing colours. Looking for other delicious toppings? Try an indulgent mix of banana and chocolate topping for skyr or enjoy a scrumptious strawberry smoothie bowl with a bunch of irresistible toppings!

Something nutty, something sweet, and something crunchy – the perfect, well-balanced topping

This recipe is easy to make, and it is bursting with all the flavours and textures you are dreaming of when you wake up in the morning or are in a snacky mood. The pecan nuts provide an irresistible crunch to the creamy skyr bowl, while also adding some wonderfully rich nutty nuances. The banana and peanut butter are a classic combination loved for the rich and creamy texture of the peanut butter combined with the natural sweetness of bananas. The pairing has stood the test of time, and it is still a favourite combination both for breakfast, snacks, and desserts.