Standing up for nature

Preserving the natural world

Standing up for nature

At Arla, we believe in the power of nature to heal, nurture and renew.

Biodiversity, farming, sustainable living – all of these are linked to the natural world and the diverse, beautiful and incredible flora and fauna that live all around us.

Sadly, the nature that shapes our countryside and enables sustainable farming is under threat. Human expansion is causing a significant decline in biodiversity, destroying habitats, ecosystems and food sources. Endangered species of plants and animals are beginning to die out and the biodiversity that makes Britain such a spectacular place to live is fading away – it’s time for action.

At Arla, we’re dedicated to changing the way we and our farms work in and alongside nature, creating and sharing sustainable farming methods with the rest of agricultural industry to create a healthier and greener world for the future.

Bee road

Giving bees their buzz back

At Arla, our farmer owners are passionate about protecting the land around us and have been working to support biodiversity for a number of years. As the UK faces an un-bee-liveable biodiversity crisis, the 2,300 farmers that own Arla are calling on the nation to unite with them in supporting pollinators and join the Bee Road.

Stronger planet

Project Pollinator Gets Bees Buzzing Again

A group of Arla famers in the UK have launched a trial initiative to increase populations of wild bees by devoting farmland to their colonies, which are vital to pollinating many crops we rely on.

Bee friendly

How to create a bee-friendly garden

As bees face a more and more uncertain future, the good news is that we can do our bit to help, right from the comfort of our own homes! Bees love our gardens, and they’ll happily spend hours enjoying the banquet of different flowers that we plant to brighten up our outdoor spaces. By making your garden bee-friendly, you can directly contribute to the survival of different bee species that are unique to the UK – find out how with our handy guide.

Stronger planet

Why Waste Wastewater?

Every day at one of Arla's mozarella plants, the Rødkærsbro Mejeri, we clean 450 m3 of wastewater that is a natural result of the cheese-production process, releasing it back into local rivers or reusing it in its own facilities.

Bee road

Discovering the importance of bees

As pollinators, bees play a crucial role in the health of our biodiverse ecosystems, enabling plants, and flowers to grow that sustain the natural world and provide both humans and animals alike with food and shelter. With climate change, agricultural expansion and pesticide use however, the friendly garden bee is under threat, with many species facing extinction. Find out more about the problems that face the UK’s bee population with our useful factsheet.