Raspberry smoothie bowl

Raspberry smoothie bowl

15 min
This beautiful raspberry smoothie bowl might be exactly what you need to begin a lovely day. It is incredibly easy to make and bursting with flavour and freshness. Made to look absolutely divine with only a few steps, these bowls are perfect for breakfast or as a snack when you need something quick. You might as well start recommending it to friends and family now because our raspberry smoothie bowl recipe is sure to dazzle and impress.


  • Blend skyr, raspberries, banana, and açai powder for about 2 minutes to a thick smoothie.
  • Pour into two bowls and top with raspberries, coconut flakes, and sweet cacao nibs.
  • Garnish with red wood sorrel and serve.

To achieve the perfect velvety texture, mix frozen berries and skyr first. When they are blended well, add the rest of the ingredients. You might want to add the skyr gradually to control the consistency.


Take your time to place the toppings before you serve your smoothie bowl. It does not take long, but the visual presentation means a lot, especially in an otherwise simple looking serving like this one.

Questions about raspberry smoothie bowl

A raspberry smoothie bowl is a simple, easy-to-make treat, but that does not mean that questions cannot arise. If they do, we answer some of the most frequently asked ones below.

Can I use frozen raspberries for smoothie bowl?
Yes, using frozen raspberries for your smoothie bowl is actually encouraged. In doing so, you bring a natural coolness to the smoothie without having to use ice cubes and essentially risk watering down the strong flavour. For a raspberry topping, though, we recommend using fresh and juicy ones.
What toppings are good on a raspberry smoothie bowl?
In our recipe, we recommend coconut flakes, fresh raspberries, and dark granola or cocoa nibs. Each contributes flavour and texture enhancing the final smoothie bowl. However, the good thing about smoothie bowls is that you can use whatever toppings you like, so try, for example, a selection of nuts and seeds for extra crunch and a nutty flavour, or diced fruits for even more refreshment and colour.
Can you store leftover raspberry smoothie bowl?
Yes, you can store raspberry smoothie bowl in the fridge for about 24 hours, but it is recommended to consume it right away to get the best flavour and texture. If stored in the fridge, the flavour and colour may fade, and the smoothie will start separating. However, this can be handled by giving it a good stir before serving it. It is best to store toppings separately to maintain freshness and crunch.


Raspberry smoothie
Vanilla Arla® Skyr
400 ml
Frozen raspberries
200 g
Ripe bananas (approx. 300 g)
Acai powder
2 tbsp
75 g
Coconut flakes
2 tbsp
Sweet cocoa nibs or dark granola
2 tbsp
Red wood sorrel

Make a creamy raspberry smoothie bowl

Our creamy raspberry smoothie bowl is easy to make and certain to satisfy your tastebuds. The deliciously creamy texture comes from the vanilla-flavoured skyr, and combined with frozen raspberries, you get the most delectable fresh-and-sweet flavour. In addition, the frozen raspberries introduce a beautiful colour and a fresh, tangy flavour. This recipe for raspberry smoothie bowl is not limited to breakfast or snacks, it can also make for a refreshing dessert. The cold, creamy texture is reminiscent of ice cream, and the toppings make the presentation a work of art.

With banana and açai

The skyr and raspberries only do half the work. Banana and açai powder help impart a wide array of flavour nuances and visual appeal to take the smoothie to the next level. The bananas bring sweetness and creaminess, while the açai powder contributes to the overall flavour by enhancing the other ingredients. Moreover, it adds a deep purple to the raspberry-coloured mixture resulting in a beautiful pink smoothie bowl.

Topped with fresh raspberries, coconut flakes, and a chocolaty crunch

While a dazzling pink cloudlike smoothie is already mouthwatering, topping it with fresh raspberries, coconut flakes, and a chocolaty crunch is a must-try. Glistening fresh raspberries looks great on top, but they also bring a boost of intense raspberry flavour. Sweet and juicy, the berries add a lot of delightful nuances to the many complementary flavours in the bowl. Coconut flakes give a mild pleasant crunch, while also injecting the bowl with a slight tropical flair. They are mildly nutty, subtly sweet, and complement the raspberries well. For a more satisfying crunch, sweet dark granola is your go-to, making each bite interesting and tasty. And remember to garnish with red sorrel for the final touch. Are you really into smoothie bowls, we have a large selection of fresh, fruity, sweet, and utterly delicious options for you. If you enjoy colourful meals, try the pretty blue and pink smoothie bowl for maximum colour or go greener with a mouth-watering matcha smoothie bowl.

Vary according to your preferences

There are numerous ways to make a raspberry smoothie bowl, and it is easy to vary. If you want to play around, the easiest is to keep the smoothie and experiment with the toppings. The fresh raspberries obviously go well with the raspberry base, but there are heaps more options out there. You can easily berry bomb your smoothie with sliced strawberries, blueberries or even blackberries. They all fit the flavour profile, and they all bring the juicy texture we are after. You can also try chunks of mango to enhance the fruity and tropical notes. Nuts and seeds are also a popular alternative. Substitute the granola with chopped walnuts, almonds, or pecans, and add some pumpkin or sunflower seeds. That way, you will still have the crunch and texture of the granola, but with a deep nutty background that brings nuance to the raspberry smoothie bowl.