Best smoothie bowl toppings

Best smoothie bowl toppings

No smoothie bowl is complete without a great selection of toppings! You want to go big with different textures and complex flavours, giving you sweet, savoury, crunchy, and creamy all in one bowl. Since smoothie bowls have a thick, creamy base, they can handle almost any type of topping, including whole nuts and larger fruit slices. This means you have a lot of tasty ingredients to choose from! Get inspired by our list of the best toppings below – we dive into the most popular ones and give you plenty of recipes for you to check out.

Sour and sweet fresh fruit and berries

The best way to start is with fruit and berries. The delicious fresh produce can be used both in the base itself and as colourful toppings sure to infuse the bowls with additional flavour. A tasty example that shows how fruit and berries can be used both to highlight the smoothie base's flavour and add something extra is this strawberry smoothie bowl. This marvel is topped with sweet strawberries and juicy mango that adds a tropical twist and a bit of subtle tartness. Similarly, mangoes are used both in and on top of our sweet mango smoothie bowl, which also features sweet-tart kiwi berries and sour, red berries to off-set the sweetness of the base. This combination of different fruits and berries makes for a well-rounded eating experience. Or try our delicious, thick smoothie bowl, which demonstrates how delicious less-utilised fruits like figs are, too.

Coconut shavings and dried fruits and berries

Fruity toppings also include the dried variety as well as everything ‘coconut’ like shavings and chunks. Though most types of dried fruit and berries are as sweet and tropical as their fresh counterpart, they have a significantly different texture. Many provide a chewiness that contrasts nicely with the juiciness of fresh fruit and berries, while coconut shavings specifically may also be somewhat crunchy. For example, the taste and texture of dried goji berries are used to enhance our dragon fruit smoothie bowl. They have a sweet-tangy flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste that complements the creamy base nicely, while their chewiness acts as a good counterpoint to the fresh dragon fruit slices and raspberries. In our simple green smoothie bowl, the coconut shavings provide a nice tropical sweetness to balance the flavourful combination of earthy spinach, creamy avocado, and zingy ginger. But this coconut flavour also works beautifully in sweeter recipes like a blueberry smoothie bowl where it can mix things up and add textural complexity.

Nuts, seeds, grains, and granola

You always need something crispy or crunchy to go with the creamy and soft. Nuts, seeds, grains, and granola are great choices for adding just that to smoothie bowls. For more inspiration check out our article with our 4 favourite granola recipes ! For an example of how delicious something nutty or crunchy is on smoothie bowls, try our flavourful spirulina smoothie bowl, which has buckwheat flakes, coconut flakes, and walnuts in it. The combination is earthy, nutty, and sweet; in other words, perfect for a smooth banana base flavoured with earthy spirulina. Nuts are also delicious when combined with chia seeds. See our classic smoothie bowl with oats, which feature hazelnuts toasted to enhance their flavour before they are paired with chia seeds for topping. Chia seeds add a nice crunch and subtle nutty flavour as in our green avocado smoothie bowl, which also has tasty, crispy granola in it.

Fresh herbs and edible flowers

The almost savoury twist of herbs and flowers may offer an unexpected but delightfully refreshing contrast to smoothie bowls which are usually quite sweet and fruity. They enhance the bowls in terms of presentation, making them a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Try our blackberry smoothie bowl with its stunning purple colour that contrasts beautifully with the refreshingly cool green mint leaves. The lemon balm leaves in our tropical smoothie bowl also offer a fresh citrus taste that pairs exceedingly well with the sweetness of the tropical fruits. Or, for a truly colour-bursting option, look at our colourful matcha smoothie bowl with its beautiful shades of green. The edible flower garnish takes it to another level and the Indian cress provides a slightly spicy flavour with peppery undertones to complement the earthy matcha as well as the sweet fruits. Our blue and pink smoothie bowls are also beautifully decorated with edible flowers to match their vibrant colours. The effect? Stunning bowls to entice and delight.

Cacao nibs and chocolate

If you are looking to take your toppings in a different and perhaps more indulgent direction, cocoa nibs and chocolate are excellent choices. Pieces, chips, or shavings of chocolate infuse the smoothie bowls with varying levels of sweetness, depending on whether you use white, milk, or dark chocolate, or even cacao nibs. In our lovely raspberry smoothie bowl, the small pieces of crushed cocoa bean add a chocolatey flavour that pairs nicely with the sweet-tart berries. They provide a nice crunch to complement the tender freshness of the berries, resulting in an irresistible breakfast or afternoon option. For an even more dessert-like treat, we recommend this delicious chocolate smoothie bowl. The cocoa-infused base has a soft serve-like quality perfectly balanced by a sprinkling of crunchy cocoa nibs.