Tropical smoothie bowl

Tropical smoothie bowl

15 min
Bring a tropical island to your kitchen with a delightfully indulgent tropical smoothie bowl bursting with flavour. This bowl is tailor-made for those enjoying exotic foods during summer or dreaming about warmer destinations during winter. So, get out of bed and make yourself a sweet and refreshing tropical smoothie bowl certain to make your taste buds jump around with pleasure.


  • Blend skyr, mango, and banana for approx. 2 minutes to a thick mixture.
  • Pour the smoothie into two bowls and top with granola, mango, passion fruit, coconut flakes, and blueberries.
  • Garnish with lemon balm and serve.

It is a good idea to blend the frozen mango and coconut skyr first. Blend until it reaches a uniform, creamy texture and then add the banana. This ensures that every spoonful is equally creamy and flavourful.


Presentation is key, so keep that in mind when you add the toppings. Group them based on textures, colours, and flavours, or layer them strategically so every spoonful gets a little bit of everything.


To maintain a cold and refreshing vibe throughout the whole meal, leave the bowls in the fridge or freezer while you make the smoothie, so they are ice cold when you serve the smoothie bowl.

Questions about tropical smoothie bowl

We believe everyone should be able to make tropical smoothie bowl, so we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about it below.

What to put in a tropical smoothie bowl?
In our recipe, we suggest adding coconut skyr, frozen mango, and ripe banana. The skyr brings a creamy and tropical base, while frozen mango and ripe banana add a sweet, fruity freshness to the mix. When blended, the result is a creamy smoothie full of mouth-watering tropical flavours.
What toppings are good on a coconut smoothie bowl with mango?
There are many ways to go but aim for several different textures to get the best result. Fruits like mango, blueberries, and passion fruit are soft, juicy, and sweet, which is why they pair well with the flavour and consistency of the smoothie. Granola and coconut flakes help with the sweetness while also adding crunch and making every bite enjoyable.
How to make a smoothie bowl yellow?
If you use a plain white base, for example, skyr, it will naturally take colour from the fruit or berries you add. When white skyr is combined with mango and banana, it takes on a light, yellow colour that serves as a beautiful canvas for any toppings you wish to add.


Arla® Skyr coconut
400 ml
Frozen mangos, in pieces
200 g
Ripe banana, large (approx. 150 g)
50 ml
Mango, in slices (approx. 100 g)
Passion fruits, flesh
Coconut flakes
2 tbsp
50 g
Fresh lemon balm leaves

Make a delicious coconut smoothie bowl with mango

If you want an irresistible flavour, a delicious coconut smoothie bowl with mango is the way to go. With layers upon layers of fruit, this tropical smoothie bowl is for those who love fruity freshness with an exotic twist. Thick skyr makes up the base while adding sweet undertones of coconut. Mixed with banana and mango, it is quickly blended into a velvety-smooth mixture. If you enjoy a colourful bowl, we have a large selection of options spanning all the colours of the rainbow. Look to a stunning blue and pink smoothie bowl, a gorgeously green avocado smoothie bowl, or a beautiful purple blackberry smoothie bowl.

Tropical themed toppings

With a wide selection of exotic toppings, your bowl will look as if it had been decorated with the finest fresh fruits from an exotic destination. The toppings are selected to tickle the palate with their sweet, fresh, and juicy flavours. Beautiful yellow mango brings a deep sweetness that pairs well with the tanginess of the passion fruit and juicy freshness of the blueberries. The granola is just as important with its crunchy texture, and the coconut flakes send you to a sun-soaked paradise.

An exotic breakfast or snack

A delectable tropical smoothie bowl should not be limited to a specific time of day. It is often considered a breakfast, which makes sense because it is quick to make and serves as a flavourful and refreshing meal to start the day. Although often used in the morning, it is just as good as a snack in the afternoon or evening when you get hungry and want something easy and refreshing. The fruity flavour bomb will satisfy your hunger and can even be served as an alternative to a dessert. It is cold, sweet, and fruity – the perfect dessert combination.

Experiment with new flavours and toppings

How you make and decorate your tropical smoothie bowl is up to you. The kitchen is a playground where you can mix and match flavours and textures as you want. If you do not have coconut-flavoured skyr, opt for a natural version or perhaps one with vanilla. If you want to keep the coconut flavour, add a bit of coconut milk. Just be aware that it will make the smoothie thinner, so do not add too much. If you want a more complex flavour, add pineapple or papaya. Both match the mango flavour and keep the tropical vibe while adding complexity and depth. Of course, you can also try different toppings. For example, top your tropical smoothie bowl with slices of kiwi. They add a tangy flavour and a wonderful colour. You can also add a handful of goji berries. Perhaps you find more inspiration in our recipe for dragon fruit smoothie bowl .