30 min
Eggnog is the perfect warming drink for when the weather turns or whenever you are in the mood for a bit of spice and warmth! Golden egg yolks give the milk and cream punch a rich and frothy texture that makes it a true joy to drink with its sweet and spicy flavours. Prepare this festive punch with your alcohol of choice and serve the delightfully indulgent drink either hot or cold to discover your favourite way to enjoy it.


  • Mix milk and cream in a saucepan with star anise, cinnamon stick, and cardamom seeds.
  • Split the vanilla pod lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Add both the pod as well as the seeds to the saucepan.
  • Bring the punch to a boil as you stir it.
  • Remove it from the heat and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  • Beat egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Reheat the punch and remove the spices using a sieve.
  • Whisk the warm punch into the egg mixture.
  • Add your spirit of choice to taste.

If our recipe for spiked eggnog has intrigued you but, at the same time, made you unsure about using raw egg yolks, you can, of course, choose to use pasteurised egg yolks instead.


However, bringing the temperature of the punch up to 65°C after adding the egg mixture will remove any potential risks. Remember to keep stirring and make sure to not let it become warmer than 70°C as this will lead the eggs to coagulate.

Questions about eggnog

With a simple and quick eggnog recipe like ours, making this rich and frothy drink is incredibly easy. To learn more about this American classic, continue reading below!

What is eggnog made of?
Old-fashioned eggnog is warm milk and cream infused with spices mixed with a fluffy egg mixture consisting of beaten egg yolks and sugar. The punch is often spiked with spirits like rum, whisky, brandy/cognac, or calvados. The spiced drink is usually flavoured with warming spices like cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, and vanilla.
How to make eggnog?
Spiced eggnog is great at festive gatherings as well as enjoyed under a cosy blanket. Luckily, making it from scratch is quick and easy and only takes about half an hour. Simply bring milk and cream to a boil, add the spices, and remove it from the heat to let it steep. As it does so, beat egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy. Remove the spices and reheat the punch before mixing in the light and airy eggs. Add your favourite alcohol and serve the rich and frothy drink either hot or cold.
What alcohol is in eggnog?
Eggnog with alcohol is usually made with rum, whisky, or brandy. The drink tastes great with either of these so you can use your favourite one to give it a bit of a kick. For a child-friendly version of the beverage, you can of course leave out the alcohol. You still get a tasty, warming drink with a rich texture for everyone to enjoy.
What does eggnog taste like?
The festive drink is a sweet and creamy drink that tastes somewhat like custard. This should come as no surprise as the two contain many of the same ingredients. However, unlike most custards, the drink also has spicy flavours owing to the addition of warming, aromatic spices. If alcohol is added, the festive beverage also gets a bit of a kick to round out the frothy experience.
Can you freeze eggnog?
Yes, you can easily freeze any leftover eggnog you may have. In the freezer, it will last 4-6 months. Let the drink cool before transferring it to a hard plastic container with an airtight lid. Make sure to leave a bit of room (3-5 cm) for the liquid to expand as it freezes. To thaw the beverage, simply leave it in the fridge overnight and blend it for a few seconds before serving. Do not let it defrost at room temperature as this will turn the rich consistency lumpy.
How long does eggnog last in the fridge?
When refrigerated, the drink will last for about 5 days. The addition of at least 5% alcohol usually prolongs its shelf life slightly. If you enjoy the eggnog warm, you can reheat the leftovers. Let it reach room temperature before reheating it in the microwave or a saucepan. Warming it up straight from the fridge may lead it to curdle.
How to drink eggnog?
The drink may be enjoyed either hot or cold, depending on your preferences. Serving it either chilled or at room temperature may be easier if you are having a large gathering of people over and using the drinks as a self-serve punch, but on a chilly day, a warm cup may be just the thing to warm you up. Try it both ways to discover your favourite way to enjoy it.


300 ml
Double cream
300 ml
Cinnamon stick
Whole star anise
Cardamom seeds
½ tsp
Vanilla pod
Egg yolks
3 tbsp
Dark rum, calvados, or cognac
4 tbsp

Warm eggnog with alcohol

Variations of this wonderful milk and egg-based beverage are known across the world with different, though similar, ingredients. The spiced and spiked drink, which is also sometimes called punch when alcohol is added into the mix, is often enjoyed around Christmas time.

However, since nothing is stopping you from enjoying it all year round, we think you should try our recipe for eggnog with alcohol anytime you like! The same goes for other ‘holiday favourites’ such as fudge and rocky road which are also tasty during any month of the year with a warm glass of this spiced punch on the side.

Enjoy delicious spices and a frothy texture

Our eggnog recipe gives you a deliciously rich warm drink that is creamy in taste as well as texture. This light and fluffy punch gets a frothy texture and a rich mouthfeel from the combination of egg yolk and sugar beaten to an irresistibly delicious mixture.

A traditional eggnog recipe is not complete without an aromatic, warming spice selection. In our rendition, we use cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, and vanilla to make an exotic, warm infusion that goes perfectly with the mild and rich punch. By using whole seeds, sticks, and pods to flavour our spiced eggnog, we have ensured a spiced punch with plenty of different earthy, zesty, and fruity undertones.

Choose your favourite alcohol for spiked eggnog

When choosing the best eggnog liquor, you can go for different options like whisky, rum, or different types of brandy like cognac or calvados. Boozy eggnog with rum is the classic choice for many, and the best choice is dark rum. Its smoky-sweet flavour pairs wonderfully with the mix of warming spices which it helps to enhance.

The same can be said for whisky which similarly is smoky and sweet in its flavour profile, though typically not as sweet as rum. For a fruitier addition, opt for a golden cognac or calvados.

Make it your own

You can easily experiment with the ingredients in eggnog by adding or garnishing with different spices like grated nutmeg, allspice, or even pumpkin spice mix.

In case you have been wondering if there are any other uses for the drink, we have good news for you! Since this frothy drink is essentially drinkable custard, you can easily use it as a sauce for dessert. Drizzle it over different fruit pies like our apple tart or use it with homemade ice cream to experience it in new and exciting ways.

You can also use it to make fun, adult drinks with eggnog by blending it with ice cream to make a sweet and spicy milkshake with a bit of a kick to it.