Peach, pecan, and cardamom topping for Skyr
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Peach, pecan, and cardamom topping for Skyr

Every day is the perfect day to spice up your breakfast, afternoon snack, or dessert, and with a meal as sweet, crunchy, and tasty as this one, you cannot go wrong. Combine peach, pecan, and cardamon for a powerful topping on your skyr bowl. The recipe is simple, easy, and with only a few ingredients, which means that you only need five minutes to prepare it.


Step 1
  • Divide the skyr between two serving bowls.
Step 2
  • Cut each peach into eights and discard the stone. Chop the pecans.
Step 3
  • Arrange the peaches on the skyr and top with the chopped pecans.
Step 4
  • Pour maple syrup on top and distribute the cardamon seeds over the bowls.

Try roasting the pecans to enhance the rich nuttiness. You can do it in the oven or a pan. You can dice the peaches if you prefer smaller pieces rather than wedges. It might be easier to get a bit of everything on the spoon when the pieces are smaller.


Arrange skyr and toppings in a container with a lid if you want a solid breakfast to-go. Note that the toppings might lose freshness and crunch if you leave it for too long, so consider keeping skyr and toppings separately if you do not eat it straight away.

Questions about skyr topping with peaches and pecans

If you have any questions about making topping with peaches and pecans, keep reading.

Can you use fresh peaches as topping for skyr?
Yes, fresh peaches are delicious as topping for skyr adding freshness and crunch. Go for ripe peaches and cut them into wedges, chunks or smaller pieces depending on your preferences.
What other skyr toppings go well with peach?
Rich, nutty pecans and sweet maple syrup go well with the sweetness of crisp peaches. Together the three ensure a pleasant mouthfeel and if you add cardamom seeds you get the perfect flavour explosion in every spoonful.
How to use pecan nuts as skyr topping?
The easiest way to use pecan nuts as a topping is to chop them coarsely and spread them over the skyr along with any additional toppings. If you have extra time, you can roast them in the oven to enhance their nutty flavour.


Arla® Skyr Creamy
450 g
Maple syrup
50 ml
Cardamom seeds
½ tsp
Pecan nuts
75 g

A quick skyr topping with fresh peaches, crunchy pecans, and sweet maple syrup

Saving time on busy mornings does not have to mean compromising on your breakfast. This recipe invites you to whip up a delicious skyr topping in mere minutes, ensuring that you start your day on a refreshing and hearty note.

Fresh, sweet peaches are delightfully crisp and work very well with tangy, creamy skyr. To sweeten life, we add a drizzle of delicious maple syrup. Chopped pecans add an enticing crunch, ensuring a pleasant mouthfeel in every spoonful. To top it all off, sprinkle with cardamom seeds and let their herbal and citrusy taste add another flavour dimension.

There are numerous options for delicious and quick toppings for your skyr. Try, for example, this ginger, dried figs, and fresh berries topping or the sweeter kiwi and strawberry topping.