Sunny overnight oats with yoghurt and berries

What many people don’t realise is by soaking oats and nuts it actually ‘activates’ them making them more nutricious. Over night oats get better and better as the week goes on. (I wouldn’t eat for longer than 5 days when kept in the fridge though). The great thing about this is you make a large batch and you can chip away at it really easily throughout the week and play with lots of toppings. I call mine a sunny Bircher Muesli because I’ve chosen dried tropical fruits and brazil nuts instead of the regular raisins and almonds.


Makes 5-8 portions

100g oats
2 tbsp. mixed dried tropical fruit, you can buy this from the supermarket, it has dried pineapple, mango and banana), roughly chopped.
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 tbsp flax seeds
Handful of brazil nuts roughly chopped
350ml milk
250ml good quality apple juice
1 grated apple
1 tablespoon maple syrup
a dash of all-natural vanilla extract

to serve, per two portions
4-6 tablespoons of Bircher muesli
2-3 tablespoons thick yoghurt
a couple more slurps of milk
6 tbsp of mixed summer berries


Mix all of the ingredients for the Bircher muesli together in a bowl and mix well. It will be too wet at this stage but the soaking process drinks up all that liquid and flavor. Now make sure its covered with cling or popped in a sealable container and place overnight in the fridge. This stores for 4-5 days and actually gets better for you with time becoming for fermented and better for you tummy.

When you’re ready to eat, split the muesli between two breakfast bowls, top with yoghurt, a slurp of milk and then the fruit and serve straight away.

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