Air fryer s'mores

Air fryer s'mores

15 min
Use your air fryer to make a campfire classic with our easy s'mores recipe. Typically, the treats consist of grilled marshmallows placed between two biscuits with a piece of chocolate, but in this recipe, we use the nifty kitchen appliance to melt the chocolate, toast the marshmallows, and make a delicious gooey dip for oat biscuits.


  • Place a piece of baking paper at the bottom of your air fryer's basket.
  • Chop the chocolate roughly and place it on the baking paper. Top with marshmallows. Cook in the air fryer at 200°C for about 5 minutes.
  • Dip oat biscuits into the warm chocolate and marshmallows.

If you prefer to eat with a spoon rather than using your hands, you can turn the oat biscuits into a crumble and sprinkle it on top of the melted marshmallows.


Scoop the melted chocolate and gooey, toasted marshmallows into four bowls to make individual air fryer s'mores desserts to top with crumble.

Questions about s'mores

Get ready to whip up a festive and delectable dessert with this simple air fryer s'mores recipe. Read on to learn more about this delicious treat.

What are s'mores?
S'mores are a popular American campfire treat consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between two crackers or biscuits. Typically, graham crackers and plain vanilla marshmallows are used, but the treat is quite versatile, allowing plenty of room for experimentation and creativity. Their name is a contraction of 'some more', suggesting they are so delicious you will want seconds. While they are a staple at outdoor gatherings, symbolising warmth, fun, and simplicity, you can also make them inside.
Can you make s'mores in an air fryer?
Yes, you can easily make air fryer s'mores. By layering chocolate and marshmallows on baking paper, you can achieve the melted, gooey texture of traditional ones and create a delectable dip for your biscuits or crackers of choice. Air frying offers a convenient, quick alternative to the classic campfire method, delivering a delightful treat in just a few minutes. It also provides ample opportunity to enjoy it all year round as rain or windy weather are no longer hindrances for you to overcome.
What to serve with s'mores?
Served with oat biscuits, air fryer s'mores get a layer of nutty flavour and hearty texture, ensuring a sturdy base for the gooey treat. The earthy notes of oat biscuits perfectly offset the rich sweetness of marshmallows and chocolate. But you are not limited to just oat biscuits. For varied textures and flavours, graham crackers offer a honeyed crunch, digestive biscuits a wholegrain bite, shortbread a buttery depth, and chocolate chip cookies bursts of chocolaty goodness. Enhance the experience with toppings like roasted nuts, shredded coconut, or sauces like caramel or raspberry.


Approx. 100 g
Milk chocolate
200 g
Oat biscuits

S'mores in air fryer – a fun and satisfying dessert

Wondering how to make s'mores at home without a campfire? Embrace the convenience of your air fryer! This modern twist transforms the beloved treat into a delectably gooey dip, making it the perfect pairing for the rustic charm of oat biscuits. 

The melty concoction of sweet vanilla marshmallow and creamy milk chocolate combined with the nutty undertones of the oat biscuits offers an effortlessly impressive dessert. Air fryer s'mores are a contemporary and refined take on the nostalgic treat, prepared in a fraction of the time, ensuring everyone will be scooping for more.

A new take on a well-known favourite

While the traditional campfire delicacies have been a favourite for generations, using an air fryer breathes new life into the classic. The rapid hot air circulation in the machine melts the chocolate and marshmallows to perfection, delivering a golden surface with a hint of crispness. The technique captures the essence of campfire treats while offering a modern approach. In our recipe, you use the melted marshmallows and chocolate as dipping for the oat biscuits instead of arranging it like a sandwich with biscuits as the top and bottom. It is a perfect blend of the old and the new and is sure to become a staple in your dessert repertoire.

If you are looking for more family-friendly treats, our tasty air fryer chicken nuggets and crispy air fryer fries will be a hit with children and adults alike. We also have an easy recipe for air fryer cookies with chocolate chips.

Served with oat biscuits

Oat biscuits are an excellent choice due to their wholesome, nutty flavour and hearty texture. Their robust composition ensures they do not easily break or crumble when you use them to scoop up generous amounts of gooey marshmallow and chocolate dip. The earthy undertones of the oats harmoniously complement the rich, creamy sweetness of melted milk chocolate and marshmallow, creating a balanced and delightful bite that merges indulgence with a hint of rustic charm.

Make it your own

An easy way to mix things up is to use a different biscuit for s'mores dip. You can use graham crackers, digestive biscuits, shortbread, or even chocolate chip cookies. Graham crackers provide a honeyed crunch, digestive biscuits offer a mellow, wholegrain bite, shortbread brings a rich, buttery taste and texture, while chocolate chip cookies introduce bursts of sweet chocolate amidst a crumbly base.

Alternatively, sprinkle the dessert with toppings like chopped nuts, shredded coconut, or sauces. S'mores and ice cream is also a delicious combination. For more sweetness, caramel sauce will add a decadent touch, while a raspberry drizzle will add a bright tartness. You can enhance the nutty flavour of almonds, pecans, or walnuts by roasting them before chopping them up.