Air fryer potato wedges

Air fryer potato wedges

25 min
We have the best recipe for air fryer potato wedges for you. With fewer ingredients and less oil, these wedges offer a simple and easy take on a classic favourite. Using an air fryer ensures they are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and perfect every time. Ideal for quick snacks, sides, or anytime you crave something tasty, this recipe is your go-to guide for perfect potato wedges.


  • Cut potatoes into wedges. Place in a bowl and mix with butter and rapeseed oil and salt.
  • Put the potatoes in the basket of the air fryer.
  • Cook at 180°C for about 25 minutes or until the potatoes are done.

When it comes to picking the right potatoes, opt for varieties like Russet or Maris Piper, as their starchy nature leads to crispier outcomes. As the wedges sizzle away in the air fryer, aim for a golden-brown hue on the outside while ensuring the insides remain tender. Do note, though, that the exact cooking time might differ depending on your machine, so start checking regularly after about 20 minutes.

Questions about air fryer potato wedges

If you love potato wedges as much as we do but have never tried to make them in an air fryer before, here is your chance. We have answered a few commonly asked questions about the wedges that will help you get started.

How long to air fry potato wedges to make them crispy?
It usually takes about 25 minutes at 180°C to achieve a perfect crispness, but air fryers, like ovens, are different and therefore the cooking time also varies depending on the brand and model. Factors like the size of the air fryer, its capacity, and how full it is, influence the cooking time, so keep an eye on the wedges as they cook.
Can you reheat potato wedges in an air fryer?
Yes, you can reheat potato wedges in an air fryer. If you have leftovers, simply place them back into the air fryer and reheat at 180°C for about 5-7 minutes. This method not only ensures they are warmed through, but also restores the delightful crispiness that might have been lost upon cooling.
What to serve with air fryer potatoes?
Air fryer potato wedges can be paired with a vast array of dishes. They make a delightful accompaniment to grilled meats like steaks or chicken breasts. If you are in the mood for a casual meal, the wedges slide effortlessly into the role of a side dish next to sandwiches or burgers. For those who prefer them as the star of the show, serving them as a stand-alone snack paired with a selection of dips is a real treat. And if you are going for a lighter touch, they can complement salads, adding a contrasting crunchy texture to the mix.


900 g
Butter and rapeseed oil
2 tbsp
1 tsp

Simple and easy air fryer potato wedges

Have you ever wanted to make a tasty side dish but did not want to deal with the fuss of elaborate preparation? Enter our simple and easy air fryer potato wedges. They are the perfect solution for those spontaneous dinner parties or last-minute snacks. Perhaps you have invited friends over for a game night, or maybe you are just looking for a hassle-free side dish for your weeknight dinner. With minimal preparation and a straightforward cooking process, these wedges cater to all occasions without the usual kitchen stress.

Make perfectly crispy potatoes

One of the standout features of the air fryer is its ability to produce perfectly crispy results with less oil. The hot circulating air cooks the potato wedges uniformly, making the exterior crisp and golden brown while keeping the inside soft and tender. Say goodbye to soggy, oil-drenched potatoes. These wedges are the embodiment of crispy perfection, giving you that satisfying crunch with every bite.

If you are fan of this recipe, consider pairing it with some of our other air-fryer favourites. Our air fryer chicken thigh fillets, air fryer broccoli, and air fryer crispy chicken nuggets make excellent companions to the potato wedges, creating a full-flavoured feast with the convenience of air frying.

Delicious ways to serve them

The beauty of potato wedges is that you can serve them any way you like. For those who appreciate a classic and simple presentation, serving them as a side is a great choice, especially alongside a juicy steak or grilled chicken. If you are in the mood for a variety of flavours, consider presenting them as a dipping delight. A selection of dips, ranging from ketchup to aioli or even a spicy salsa, can elevate the humble wedge to a decadent treat. For those who like their potatoes with a bit more flair, the loaded option might be the way to go. Imagine the wedges generously topped with melted cheese, a dollop of sour cream, sprinkled chives, and bacon bits.

Experiment with herbs, spices, and cheese

One guaranteed way to make sure that you never grow tired of these perfect air fryer potato wedges is to experiment with different flavours. For starters, paprika offers a smoky and mildly spicy twist, instantly taking them up a notch. Those craving a touch of decadence might find a sprinkle of grated parmesan alluring as it melts to form a delightful cheesy crust. Garlic powder not only introduces an irresistibly rich garlicky aroma, but also enhances the flavour. You can also garnish with finely chopped fresh parsley that lends a refreshing note, while a dash of Cajun seasoning promises a burst of flavours that intrigues the palate.