Strawberry and banana Yoghurt drink


Back before the Green juice or ‘superfood’ smoothie we had the simple smoothies made with yoghurt or orange juice bases but before even that we had the yoghurt drink. I miss the simplicity of the yoghurt drink. It was just as healthy, full of probiotics and calcium and stacks of vitamins from the fruits and more importantly its much more substantial. If you’re in a rush this is the best breakfast to make on the go. 


Prep time 5 minutes
Makes 2

150g frozen banana and strawberry smoothie mix or
1 small frozen banana and 100g of frozen strawberries
150ml Skyr yoghurt
300ml milk
1 tbsp honey or agave
A dash of vanilla extract


Place the frozen fruit into a blender and then the yoghurt, milk, honey and vanilla and then blitz on high for 1 whole minute. Pour between 2 tall glasses and drink

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