A cup of coffee with a leaf latte art design
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Latte Art

Adding art to your coffee is something baristas have crafted for years. Make your own picture-perfect latte art at home with this guide.
Coffee as the canvas, milk as the paint

Coffee as the canvas, milk as the paint

Taking the coffee as the canvas and the milk as the paint, baristas show off their skills with their mug-sized works of art. But latte art is not just for the pros...create your own milky pièce de résistance at home! If 1/3 of your latte is milk and 1/3 is foam, getting the right milk is important! Whole milk is your best bet due to its creamy consistency. In fact, Arla Cravendale is a barista favourite as its unique filtration process allows for great frothing, and when it comes to lattes, froth matters!

Step One: Add your coffee to your mug

The coffee makes up a third of your latte. The wider the mug, the easier it is to create latte art.

Black coffee being poured into a cup
Step Two: Start to Add your Arla Cravendale

With your mug in one hand, and the jug in the other, hold both at a 20-degree tilt. Then pour the steamed Arla Cravendale into your mug in a steady circular motion until half full.

Milk jug being poured into a latte cup at a 20 degree angle
Step Three: Now, bring your jug closer to your mug

Pour a little slower and move the jug gently from side to side in the middle of the mug. You should see foam appearing on the surface. Continue pouring, making a large circle.

Milk jug being poured into a cup full of espresso
Step Four: Straight Line

Once nearly full, straighten your mug and pour the milk in a straight line down the middle of the circle – this should create a heart shape. Sprinkle with cocoa powder, for a luxurious finishing touch. Et voilà – Instagram away!

Milk being poured from jug to coffee cup
Step Five: Feeling Fancy?
Cup of coffee with leaf latte art

To create a leaf

Move the jug from side to side while pouring, starting from one edge, working backwards. Once you reach the opposite side of the mug, pour the milk through the pattern you’ve created – making a stem. Different techniques create different leaves: a fast side to side movement means lots of leaves, while slow movement creates fewer, thicker leaves.