Cravendale corner

Cravendale and C.a.r.e

Our Arla Cravendale farmers have been singing their hearts out about our free to graze cows and the launch of the new Arla C.A.R.E Programme. Check out our amazing new campaign here:

Last marble standing

Summer 2020 may not have been the summer of sport we expected, but what we got was just as exhilarating. The Last Marble Standing games saw six teams go marble-to-marble across incredible sporting events, where the last marble standing would be the ultimate victor.

The Bee Road

Our farmer owners are on a mission to save the bees by creating a network of bee pitstops across our farms & in gardens across the country. Why not play our Bee Road game for a chance to win 1 of 50 Bee long will you last?!

The milk run

Cravendale is all about making things you love, last longer. That includes your tea break too, which is why why we’ve created The Milk Run.

It’s a fun new activity for you and your little ones to try out next snack time. Watch the video to see the machine in action, and download the activity guide to give it a go!