How to make the perfect morning cuppa

How to make the perfect morning cuppa

The humble cuppa. It may seem simple, but there is an art to making the perfect brew. Tea has been bringing people together for centuries but a bad cup can be divisive! Arla Cravendale is fresh milk – filtered for purity – so it tastes delicious. Kickstart your day with the perfect tea with this handy guide to creating the ultimate brew.

The science behind tea

Bag left in, bag left out. Brewed for a minute, brewed for five. Everyone has their own methods when it comes to the fine craft of tea making. It can take a bit of practice, but there’s nothing quite like sipping on the perfect morning cuppa.


Milk and tea a perfect match

Milk in first or milk in last. Light and creamy or dark and fruity. When it comes to the perfect breakfast tea, a splash of Arla Cravendale is the perfect finishing touch

How to make a cuppa

Step 1

Boil your water

Boiling the water not ony heats things up, it oxygenates the liquid too, adding extra flavour.

Step 2

Heat up your mug

Swirling a little of the boiled water around in the bottom of your mug or teapot ensures things are nice and toasty before you pop your bag in - so your tea stays hotter for longer!

Step 3

Throw in the bag, top with water

Once the water is boiled, let it settle for a minute. Then pour it over the teabag in your mug, filling up three-quarters of the way. Leave the teabag for the desired time - three to five minutes is peak brewing time.

Step 4

A splash of milk

Add a dash of Arla Cravendale to top off your tea. Some like it dark, a terracotta colour, others opt for much paler - have a look at the trends here. Then stir it all together and enjoy - ideally with a biscuit too.

Step 5

A spoon full of sugar

Optional - Some people like their morning cuppa that little bit sweeter. Now's the time to add your sugar - white is best. Simply pop it in post-milk and stir until dissolved.