Cravendale Recipes

Find delicious recipes that use Arla Cravendale milk for the best flavour

Winter spice latte

Warm Cravendale with brown sugar, ginger, nutmeg & cinnamon for a house filled with festive aroma!

Winter Spice latte

Bruschetta Chicken With Butterbean Mash

Dive into the flavours of Arla Cravendale's Bruschetta Chicken & Butterbean Mash. This delightful dish marries succulent chicken with a lively bruschetta and velvety butterbean mash.

Bruschetta Chicken With Butterbean Mash

Roast Root Hummus With 4-Ingredient Flatbread

No need to throw away leftover root veg rattling about in your fridge with this tasty chipotle roast root hummus recipe. This hummus recipe uses the skins as well as the tops so that the full veggie is used in all of it's glory. Perfect for dunking cucumber and carrots or our 4 ingredient flatbreads using cupboard essentials. This makes for a healthy and nutritious mid-week lunch without compromise on taste! Plus, the flatbreads will keep for a week and can be popped in the freezer to toast in the toaster at any point for lunch!
Baked cheese and watercress pesto

Cravendale coffee club

At Cravendale we use ceramic filters to finely filter our milk for purity, which means it tastes delicious & makes for a pretty special coffee too!

Cravendale coffee club

Creamy 'Waste Less’ Mac and Cauliflower Cheese

Don't let that leftover veg go to waste! Reduce food waste from home and create the perfect dinner for the whole family to enjoy by making use of this week's leftover cauliflower with our creamy mac and cauliflower cheese recipe.

Creamy 'Waste Less’ Mac and Cauliflower Cheese next to a bottle of Cravendale