The Perfect Latte

The Perfect Latte

Whip up a delicious, creamy latte with delicious Cravendale whole milk.


Step 1
  • Prepare a strong coffee using ground coffee and a cafetiere or your coffee machine.
Step 2
  • Meanwhile, warm your mug or glass with a quick blast in the microwave. When your coffee is ready, add to your mug.
Step 3
  • Heat your milk gently in a pan. The ideal temperature is 70° C - test with a food thermometer, or simple heat until about to boil.
Step 4
  • Froth milk, using a milk frother, a whisk, or by simply shaking it up in a jar with a tight lid. You want it to double in volume. Then, move the milk into a jug and tap on the counter to remove excess bubbles.
Step 5
  • Alternatively, use a steamer to heat and froth your milk at the same time.
Step 6
  • Pour the warm frothy milk slowly into your cup of coffee, at a height of about 5cm, tilting the cup slightly. As the cup fills, move your jug closer and pour even more slowly - making a pattern with the milk on the surface.
Step 7
  • Sit back, take a sip and enjoy.


125 ml
Fresh coffee (Brewed Using a Cafetiere or Coffee Machine)
Arla Cravendale Whole milk
200 ml