Winter Spice Latte

Winter Spice Latte

Create your own spice latte by simply warming Cravendale with brown sugar, ginger, nutmeg & cinnamon to make a festive infused milk that will fill your house with an amazing holiday aroma. Pour into your favourite mug then add coffee for a delicious winter warmer. Also great to pop in a flask and take with you on a walk.


Make Winter Spice Infused Milk:
  • Coarsly grind all of the whole spices in a mortar and pestle until they are reduced to small pieces, they don't need to be ground finely as you will be straining this mixture later. Continue until the ingredients are the desired consistency.
  • In a milk pan, add Cravendale milk, ground spices, and brown sugar and simmer on a low heat, stirring consistently to avoid burning the milk until the mixture is hot. Take off the heat.
  • Remove the spices from the infused milk through a strainer to a steel milk jug. Use a milk frother to add texture to the milk until velvety.
Assemble Winter Spice Latte:
  • Add 4 shots of espresso, or if you’re using instant coffee add 4 teaspoons.
  • With a large spoon, hold back the milk froth and divide the infused milk into your favourite mugs. For instant coffee, add this before pouring the milk.
  • Spoon the remaining milk froth across the four glasses.
  • Pour your espresso shots into each mug, and finish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for an extra holiday twist.


Espresso shots or instant coffee
4 or 4 tsp
Brown sugar
2 tbsp
Ground ginger
½ tsp
Cinnamon stick
Whole nutmeg
Whole cardamom seed
Arla Cravendale Semi-skimmed milk or whole milk
550 ml
To Serve
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon
Cinnamon sticks