Multi-Coloured Unicorn Smoothie

Multi-Coloured Unicorn Smoothie

Get creative with our delicious multi-coloured unicorn smoothie recipe.


Step 1
  • Blend 1 banana, the frozen blueberries or blackberries, 125ml Cravendale milk and 125ml of yogurt together until smooth. Pour into the bottom of 4 glasses.
Step 2
  • Rinse out the blender. Take another banana, the frozen mango, 125ml Cravendale milk, 125g yogurt and blend until smooth. Pour on top of the purple layer in the glasses.
Step 3
  • Rinse out the blender again, and then combine the remaining Cravendale milk, yogurt, banana and strawberries or raspberries. Blitz until smooth then pour this final layer into the glasses.
Step 4
  • Cut your apple or watermelon into a unicorn horn and skewer with a bamboo skewer, then position in your smoothie. Take a marshmallow and snip it in half to create little unicorn ears, and gently position either side of the unicorn's horn. Serve up your colourful smoothie!


Frozen blueberries or Blackberries
100 g
Frozen mangos
100 g
Frozen raspberries or Strawberries
100 g
Arla Cravendale Milk
375 ml
Yogurt with vanilla
375 g
To decorate
Apple or 1/4 Watermelon
Grill skewers