The benefits of lactose free dairy

The benefits of lactose free dairy

First of all: we’re not medical experts – we just love delicious lactose free dairy. So, if you do experience any discomfort, please seek advice from medical experts. This here is simply our non-scientific collection of some of the most searched for topics and online questions about the matter. It’s not medical advice - you must always consult with your doctor or dietician if you experience discomfort.

The why’s and what’s of digestive discomfort

If you feel a bit off, you should always consult your doctor or dietician. Have you ever felt some rumbling in your tummy or a general discomfort in your body without being able to put your finger on why? A lot of things can turn out to be the reason why you might feel a bit of a stomachache or abdominal discomfort. Ask your doctor or dietician. They can help you.

It’s totally normal!

The rumbling stomach and stomach grumbles are completely normal. The sounds are a natural part of digesting and food passing through the intestines. If you feel absolutely fine, there’s no need to give it more thought. If you feel a discomfort reach out to your doctor or dietician.

Go with your gut

Changing your food intake and diet is one way to become clearer on what feels good for you. Naturally, healthy food like vegetables should always find their way to your plate as well as vitamins, protein, and calcium – just to mention a few. A varied diet and a healthy water intake are usually a pretty good rule of thumb.

Cooking without Lactose

Cooking without lactose doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Just because you want to leave out lactose from your diet, it doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye to dairy. Lactose-free products from Arla contain the same nutrients and tastiness as regular milk products – just without the lactose. This means that you can continue your cooking and baking like you’ve always done it – or maybe more when you get intrigued by all our delicious lactose-free recipes.

Pour it, slurp it, splash it

There’s no need to throw out the old family recipes just because you want a lactose-free diet. You simply replace the regular dairy-products with lactose-free alternatives and let the delicious and well-known flavours take you back to your childhood memories.

If lactose-free cooking makes you feel better, less bloated, and without digestive discomfort, then what are you waiting for? Jump into the Arla LactoFREE world, keep cooking your favourites dishes, and live with all your might!

Lactose-free recipes

If you’re lactose intolerant or for some other reason want to cut out lactose from your diet, we’ve got your back. Dive into our universe of yummy lactose-free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and parties.

Arla LactoFREE is simple goodness


The Arla LactoFREE range are free from lactose but we’ve made sure to naturally contain the lovely nutrients that are also found in regular dairy products for you to enjoy.

Replace the regular milk in your invigorating coffee with a lactose-free alternative or splash it on your breakfast cereal. Try a yummy soft cheese on your bread or sprinkle your pasta dish with lactose-free grated cheddar. All the products are suitable for cooking and Arla LactoFREE is best enjoyed the way you like it.

Yum! A whole universe of easy and inspiring lactose-free recipes, you say? Check out our big selection and start cooking today!

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Always ask your doctor or dietician if you experience any discomfort or what you believe could be symptoms of lactose intolerance. We love lactose-free dairy, but we’re far from medical experts.