No lactose. Still dairy

No lactose. Still dairy

The lactose-free products from Arla LactoFREE are made from real cow’s milk. The milk is made free from lactose with the help of lactase enzyme and a special filter technique. The lactase enzyme is a natural enzyme that some but not all people produce naturally. This makes the milk suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

How to remove lactose from milk?

At Arla we use a special filter technique to ensure that the lactose is removed but all the goodness is retained. It’s a gentle 2-step process that ensures we maintain the good nutrients, so you don’t have to compromise. This is our simple 2-step lactose removal process:


1. Filtering. The fresh milk is passed through filters that remove about half of the lactose.

2. Adding of lactase. The natural enzyme lactase is added to break down the remaining lactose into glucose and galactose. This is the same enzyme that the body uses to break down lactose in the intestine, so the process is all natural and equivalent to what happens in the body. This step ensures that the lactase is removed long before it reaches you and your gut. And all the good stuff, such as protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and iodine, is maintained.

The milk is then heat-treated like any regular dairy to kill off any bacteria and thus create a durable and safe product. We offer both low- and high-pasteurized lactose-free products. The difference is that the low-pasteurized, “fresh” milk drink has undergone a gentler heat treatment at a lower temperature, which gives it the same shelf life as regular milk (7-9 days when stored cool). The highly pasteurized products have been treated at a higher temperature and thus has a longer shelf life (28 days when stored cool).

Full of taste, nutrients, and dairy goodness

Enjoy the goodness of dairy with Arla LactoFREE: the taste of pure, natural dairy. Free from lactose yet full of calcium, protein, and vitamins B2, B6, and B12. Nutrients may vary depending on the specific product. Lactose-free yogurt and lactose-free milk vary slightly in amount of nutrients. No need to hold back – enjoy your well-deserved coffee, breakfast, smoothies, etc. with Arla LactoFREE.


Only natural ingredients

All Arla LactoFREE products contain only purely natural ingredients. We love nature. That’s why we make the best dairy products from natural milk, fruit, and other 100 % natural ingredients. Like the vanilla in our dairy coming from vanilla pods so you can taste the real taste of the vanilla orchid bean and see the black dots of the vanilla in our yogurts.

We think that you, like us, prefer a purely natural taste. That’s why we don’t add anything that isn’t necessary. Our products are without chemical processing or artificial additives. For a nice natural taste we use, for example, honey herb extract or organic cane sugar.

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No lactose. Still dairy

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Always ask your doctor or dietician if you experience any discomfort or what you believe could be symptoms of lactose intolerance. We love lactose-free dairy, but we’re far from medical experts.