Vital vitamin D

Vital vitamin D

Did you know that Arla Big Milk is the only fresh milk in the UK to be enriched with vitamin D? That’s pretty important as vitamin D is vital to the health of kids (and big kids), but most of us aren’t getting enough.

The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D is created in the body from sunlight on your skin, and helps keep your immune system healthy, as well as bones, teeth, and muscles. The problem is that the UK isn’t often sunny, so most adults get less then half the amount of vitamin D they need, and children are getting less than a third!

The power of immunity

Helping to keep your immune system doing its job is vital, especially when winter comes around. When things turn cold, bugs and infections become much more common, so getting enough vitamin D and other nutrients to support your immune system can really help.

How to get vitamin D back into your life

As if milk isn’t already amazing enough, getting your vitamin D in milk makes it that much easier to get your daily intake. Arla Big Milk is fortified with vitamin D along with many other vital vitamins and minerals, helping to keep kids’ and big kids’ immune systems healthy. Milk also naturally contains vitamin B12, which also contributes to a healthy immune system.

For children and big kids

Arla Big Milk is designed to provide the goodness of milk for growing kids, but adults can enjoy it too. It’s just our delicious fresh milk enriched with extra vitamins for a boost of goodness, perfect over a bowl of cereal or in your morning coffee.