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Feast your eyes on our delicious recipes and enjoy all the food you love, free from lactose. We've something for every occasion whether it's starting the day right with a LactoFREE breakfast, a delicious dairy-based drink or an indulgent treat. See what's on offer below.

Breakfast recipe

Blueberry and Banana Protein Pancakes

These light, fluffy pancakes use oats instead of flour, bananas instead of sugar and egg whites instead of the whole egg. With delicious Arla LactoFREE milk and cream offering dairy goodness – and no lactose.

Dessert recipe

Chocolate Cake with Avocado and Matcha Tea

You think you know chocolate cake. Then along comes a lactose and gluten-free taste bomb mixing flavours that shouldn’t work together. But turn out to be made for each other.

Drink recipe

Matcha Latte with Maple Syrup

Japanese green tea (matcha) is full of antioxidants. Real maple syrup is rich in vitamins and minerals. And you know how good dairy is. The fact this pretty latte is both delicious and lactose-free just adds to your sipping pleasure.

Soup recipe

Cold Pea Soup with Yogurt and Grissini Breadsticks

The perfect light summer lunch (and yes we are inviting you to make your own grissini).

Coffee masterclass

At-home barista breaks

Come meet our resident barista to find out how you could be making the most of your Arla LactoFREE coffees. Learn how to make incredible Latte art or how to perfect creamy texture - we've got it all!